Friday, May 3, 2013

Kindle Give-Away! Emma Paul's Corbin's Captive FREE for Three Days

Here's a chance to pick up Emma Paul's Corbin's Captive absolutely FREE for Kindle: as part of a special promotion you can get this gloriously sexy ebook for free from May 8th to three days after.

On Corbin's world women are desperately needed as Breeding-mates to keep his race from extinction.  Having been betrayed by his former Breeder, Corbin has given up on ever having another Breeding-mate in his life.  

On one of his trips to the hedonistic planet Azuri, Corbin runs into Princess Yani, a beautiful woman who calls to him in a way he can not understand.

Princess Yani hates her life, and the man she is being forced to marry for the sake of politics.
Fleeing the nuptial feast, Yani runs straight into one of the planet's most popular dives, where sex and sensuality abound. There she meets Corbin and sparks fly. One night of  bliss in which he takes complete possession of her seems to offer the possibilities for escape from her marriage - until Yani learns Corbin's deepest, darkest secrets and needs. Needs she isn't sure she can fulfill.

Can Yani and Corbin find love together, or will Fate tear them apart, dooming each to to a dull, lonely existence?

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