Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Excerpt - Corbin's Captor

During the 8th through the 10th of May we'll be giving away this book free on Amazon, in conjunction with its release!  Emma Paul, our resident sci fi romance author, brings us another in the Dreg Series, a hot romance with a tormented hero, a sensual heroine and their story of love, overcoming all odds.

Corbin's back still bore the marks of the whips and his backside throbbed from Ren's insatiable ass fucking. The salve Ren used on the welts would heal them complete by the morning. Not a single mark would remain. He ignored the soreness and greeted the two Sh'kra women guarding the Pub entrance before he stepped in. 
The Zenian's scent assailed Corbin the moment he entered the Sh'kra nightclub. He had hoped to simply meet his contact, make the purchase and then leave. However, the moment he inhaled the female's essence, curiosity led him to make a temporary detour. 
Then curiosity turned to wanting when he finally laid eyes on her across the room. 
Inevitably, the hardness rising below his waist was testament to the virility of a Dreg male.  Mistress Kye had sated his body, yet an exotic Zenian woman was an opportunity even he, as jaded as he was, could not pass up. 
He focused on his prey and made his way through the crowed room. She was a beauty, more beautiful than Kiana had ever been. Her long black hair fell to her round derriere in a waterfall of silky curls.
Her lush curvy body was perfectly proportioned.  She had big full breasts, a tapering waist and hips that flared out to form a bounty of plump round ass. The short dress she wore rode up her silky thighs as she sat down on the barstool. Corbin enjoyed the view of her crossing long smooth legs, modestly concealing the treasure he was sure to find between them. 
He then noticed the collar she wore, indicating her status as an Azurian slave-mate. Like the Dregs, the Azurians were a patriarchal society, however unlike the Dregs they tended to treat their women harshly. 
Corbin could care less who had mated her. The fact that she sat here alone, dressed as she was, told him that whoever owned her had little control.  Who cared if he fucked her? Let her get the punishment she deserves for dishonoring her mate. Kiana didn't care…
Corbin stopped the direction of his thoughts. This Zenian was not Kiana. Besides, this time he was the other man, not the poor sucker stuck at home wondering where his Breeder had gone and who she went to fuck that night. This time he had the control and he would make sure the little cheating slut would worship his cock, and beg for more.
He sat next to her and waited, knowing she felt his presence behind her. She turned around to face him.
"Hell-oh my…"
Sweet Ancients, he had expected her to be beautiful, but the moment she faced him and her brilliant green eyes locked with his, Corbin lost all ability to make a coherent sentence. Only one thought crossed his mind. 

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