Friday, April 12, 2013

Walking That Fine Line (And a contest)

When Jean Marie Stine accepted the first book in the Razor trilogy - Desire's Edge - she knew K.B. Cutter and I were walking a fine line between creating a powerful, provocative tale, and truly pissing off readers.

Polyamory isn't a well-understood concept. And even if you understand the definition - the ability and permission to love more than one person - how do we get readers to set aside long-held beliefs and traditions, and accept our trio of lovers as a loving family?

We did it through Amy, the wife.

In a nutshell, Amy invites her best friend Raine, a Lifestyle FemDom into her marriage. That's an eyebrow-raising act to say the least. What's striking is that Amy's marriage to Bryce is rock solid, but she's potentially handing her husband over to her best friend. She could lose what she holds very, very dear - the love of her life, and her best friend. Is she crazy? We don't think so. She's quite unique.

As both books unfold, readers get a strong impression that Amy is a woman who leads with her heart - fiercely, loyally. Bringing Raine into her marriage will, in Amy's opinion, strengthen it. What Amy doesn't admit is how physically attracted she is to Raine, too. So, when these three start to wreck the bed, it's a wonderful shock for Amy to reveal she enjoys having sex with Raine. Even though she's not a true submissive, she gets off on the role play with Raine.

As a natural progression, her feelings grow deeper for Raine. That doesn't worry Amy because she's in control, and these emotions are different than what she feels for Bryce. But when Bryce reveals he, too, loves Raine, that rattles her. This is a chance to cut their losses, hang onto their marriage, and run from their complicated relationship with Raine. Deep down, Amy knows she can't hurt Raine that way, or pretend her feelings are less than they are. When tongues start wagging about how the three of them are living, the heat makes all three of them uncomfortable. In fact, it hurts like hell. Bryce lays it on the table for Amy…and let's her choose. It's a pivotal moment in their marriage to be sure. I won't say that Bryce and Raine have less say about what happens in their family, but when push comes to shove, Amy takes the emotional lead.

The intimacy Amy has with Raine and Bryce allows her to explore other sides of her personality that she's either suppressed or ignored until now. Raine's involvement in the Lifestyle, and especially at Lucien's Cellar, provides Amy with eye-opening, erotic experiences. Even though she feels a sexual awakening and freedom unlike any she's had previously, eventually it'll scare her. By her own hand, Amy has set in motion a life she never imagined.

How far is too far? Where will these pleasures take her?

We're very excited to share our release day for Razor: Love's Storm with all of the Sizzler family of authors and readers. Take a look!

Razor: Love's Storm by Margie Church and K.B. Cutter

Their delicious, naughty secret is out, and it's open season on Amy and Bryce's decision to add a third person to their marriage.

All the talking in the world can't convince critics that Amy and Bryce's marriage is rock-solid, and there are no secrets between them. Others meddle to undermine Bryce's business and marriage. Even Raine's Master thinks she's making a huge mistake.

With no allies, and scorn coming from every direction, love and determination must lead Amy, Bryce, and Raine through love's storm.

Their journey began in Razor: Desire's Edge and continues in Razor: Love's Reflection. Get these exciting books today on Amazon and Barns & Noble. They are available in eBook and print.

To celebrate the release of Love's Storm and the Razor trilogy, K.B. Cutter and I are hosting a fabulous giveaway - Razor Romances Booty. This isn't your ordinary gift package or gift certificate giveaway. Click the link to get all the details to win!


  1. Awesomeness. Thanks for hosting us on our official release, and of course, for publishing this terrific trilogy.

  2. Congratulations on the release!

    I'm so excited to read these books, can't wait. One of my goals this summer is to catch up on all the great books I haven't had time for and these will be at the top of the list. They sound wonderful - emotionally complicated and wrenching, and sexy as hell.

    I'm always in awe of writers who can work together like you do, it's something I've tried in the past but never been able to work out. It's not easy, so I am very impressed by you both! :)


    1. Thanks, Gianna. We hope the books - the trilogy does well - and when you get around to reading them that you'll enjoy them. As for working with another author, you've got to be abundantly clear about expectations and roles - not just for the writing, but the editing, and promotion, too. It's not for everyone. K.B. and I have one more book to write together. We are looking forward to it.

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    1. From your lips, Sascha, to every readers' ears.

  4. This series sets the bar high for all other to be judged in terms of addressing the nascent concept of polyamory in the modern vocabulary. And told in a compelling narrative -avoiding genre cliches.

  5. I absolutely love this trio! The just fit. I love The fact that their relationship is based on honesty and trust! As a reader I truly felt the emotional bond between Bryce, Amy and Raine, and found my self rooting for them to show all the a-hole critics that "traditional" is matter when's book three coming?

    1. Emma, thank you so much! We're so happy our trio of lovers resonated with you. With our other commitments, I don't anticipate the 3rd book to be out this year. It is my hope it will be written. In the meantime, please tell everyone you know this is a fabulous series!