Sunday, April 7, 2013

The Biggest Change at the New Sizzler Site - and Why!

Perhaps the biggest change at the new Sizzler Editions site is the fact that we no longer host and sell books ourselves. Readers are instead offered the opportunity to click "Buy" links that open up a book's Amazon, B&N or iTunes page. 

As everyone knows, by offering instant download straight to an ebook reading device such as Nook or Kindle (and at steep discounts), where it is ready to open and read at one click, Amazon, B&N and iTunes have literally siphoned off 95% of all ebook sales. This leaves publishers and smaller boutique ebook sellers to divvy up the remaining 5% of ebook sales -- a very small pie sliced into hundreds of microscopic slices. Whereas in 2007, before the debut of the Kindle, ebook publishers and boutique ebook-selling sites shared about 100% of the market. 

As a result, many smaller ebook vendors, and not a few publishers, who were doing quite well BK (before Kindle), have thrown in the towel and are gone from our midst. I expect more such announcements in 2013. Indeed, why would any reader visit a small ebookseller or publisher's site, no matter how much PR the site puts out, when they can go to Amazon which boasts 1,300,000 titles to choose from and those steep discounts? It seems pointless to try to swim upstream or deny that constant and ever-evolving seismic change, and adapting to it, is the reality of the ebook business. 

Now, when someone visits our site and sees a book they like, they can can click on a link that enables them to purchase it in their preferred format, from their preferred vendor, and have the book delivered directly to their reader -- all in a new tab without ever leaving the Sizzler Editions site, where they can continue to browse our books.

This frees us up to devote much more time to promoting our authors' books and the Sizzler Editions imprint. Blog tours, video trailers, a weekly Sizzler Editions podcast, internet radio commercials, increased advertising and much more are all already scheduled for 2013.

We feel it's a win-win for our readers, our writers, and for us.

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