Friday, April 12, 2013

Take a sneak peak at Love's Storm (Razor Trilogy 2) by Margie Church and Kb Cutter

We're proud to announce the release of the highly anticipated second book in the Razor Series by Margie Church and Kb Cutter.  Razor: Love's Storm.  See what trouble Raine, Bryce and Amy get into and pick up your copy today!  Now available in print from Amazon

Excerpt from Razor: Love's Storm - Coming FRIDAY from Margie Church and Kb Cutter

See the book that's breaking the stereotype about polyamory! 

Razor: Love's Storm by Margie Church and K.B. Cutter

Raine reached for a mug in a cupboard. The hem of her long T-shirt rose with the motion, exposing one, prefect ass cheek.

Bryce stood at the kitchen doorway, arms folded across his bare chest. "Remind me to put everything on the highest shelf."
She turned with the mug held between her breasts, and peered at him with an arched eyebrow.  "I'm surprised you're awake. I didn't think you'd have the stamina to get out of bed."

Bryce snorted. "The lady forgets one of my talents is endurance."

Raine placed her mug on the granite island. Her tongue flicked over her upper lip as her gaze lowered to his crotch.

"Bit cocky, aren't we?"

The throaty, sensual tone of her voice aroused him. Her regal poise commanded his full attention, as did her lithe body. Full breasts strained against cotton fabric. The hem of her shirt barely concealed her exquisite, trimmed mound and rounded ass.

Bryce clenched his jaw. The time for playful banter ended. He closed the distance between them in long, determined strides. He slid his hands slid under the shirt, cupping her breasts.
Raine looked up at him, eyes shimmering.

Did he detect a lustful spark flaring in those liquid onyx depths?

With a fingernail, she traced his jaw line. "Are you hungry, Mr. Gage?"

Bryce leaned in, nuzzling her nape. "Famished."

"Your beard is scratching me."

He pulled his head back, offering a rueful smile. "Sorry for the abrasions."

Raine snaked an arm around his waist. She scraped his lower back with her fingernails hard enough to get his attention. "My submissive is forgetful. I'm not a delicate flower petal, easily bruised."
Her fingers trailed up his spine, then slid into his hair, and caressed his scalp. Arching her back, she applied gentle pressure to the back of his head, guiding it forward. With her free hand, Raine pulled up the hem of her T-shirt, exposing a breast.

"I want you."

Bryce emitted a low growl, his unshaven face grazing her areola as he hungrily suckled the nipple.
"Uh, you two, get a room. Oh wait, you have one."

At the sound of Amy's voice, Bryce jolted upright, as though a bolt of electrical energy lashed his backside. He offered his wife a weak smile.

My God, why do I feel like a teenager busted by my parents for making out in the living room?
Raine pulled down her shirt, and gracefully smoothed the material over her hips. She opened the cupboard, and took out another coffee mug. She glanced over her shoulder. "Hey, girlfriend. Coffee? Freshly brewed."

Amy leaned against the archway, stifling a yawn. "Good morning. Yes, please."

Amy walked into the kitchen, and sat at the table.

Bryce watched her gaze follow Raine's fluid movements. Her nipples poked the flannel nightshirt she wore. Her sleep-tangled, blond locks spilled to her shoulders. Hooded eyes and bedroom husky voice gave the appearance she'd just left her spent lover in tousled sheets.

If I play my cards right—

"Bryce, be a dear and pour Amy some coffee."

Raine's soft, yet authoritative voice dispelled the erotic fantasy unreeling in his mind. "Sure."
He busied himself with pouring milk into the coffee, and then stirred in a teaspoon of sugar.
Raine walked to Amy, leaned over, and gave her a quick a kiss on the cheek. "You feel okay? You seem worn out."

Amy sighed. "I'm exhausted. Got in late last night from my business trip to Connecticut. The new client made me jump through a ton of hoops. I think the woman is part vampire. She nearly sucked the life out of me. To top it off, there was a bus accident on I-95 that snarled traffic for miles. I'm glad you kept Bryce company last night. Sorry for my snarky remark earlier. I didn't mean to come off cranky. If my husband gets his tight ass in gear, the coffee might perk me up."

Bryce grimaced. "Yeah, right, sorry." He brought the mug to her. Bending down, he kissed her fully on the lips. The mixture of scents—Raine's, Amy's, and his own—made him moan.

Amy glanced at him, her lips curling in a knowing smirk.

Raine sipped her mug, the steam wreathing her dark features. "I'm going to skip breakfast this morning, and go take a shower before I head out to my condo. I have so much work to do, and I need to make sure my plants are more than withered stalks."

She walked over to Amy, and stroked her arm. "You kids have a good morning. I'll catch up with both of you later." Raine flashed Bryce a mischievous grin.

Amy smiled while squeezing Raine's hand. "Bye. Thanks for the coffee. I'll catch up with you later."


Find out how it all started in in Razor: Desire's Edge by Margie Church and KB Cutter


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