Thursday, April 18, 2013

Out Now: SLAVE OF THE KREMLIN by Powerone

There is simply no one better at BDSM erotica than our grandmaster, Powerone - and he shows just how good he can be with Slave Of The Kremlin: a hotter-than-hell mixture of bondage, domination and Cold War intrigue!

A high-octane Cold War era thriller with high-octane sex! Fans of James Bond, Jason Bourne, and the new TV hit, "The Americans", who like their espionage sprinkled with a splash or three of bondage, will fall in love with this explosive new novel from bestselling author, Powerone.

It's the 1960s, America and Soviet Russia are the two most powerful nations on Earth, and each will do anything, no matter how dirty, to get an edge on the other. Meet Giselle, a Russian sleeper agent in the U.S., unknown to anyone but herself and her Soviet masters. Her education, her jobs with the United States government, even her husband have all been selected for her. Obeying orders, Giselle climbs the ladder of the political power elite in Washington one bed at a time. Naïve and innocent at the beginning, she learns quickly, the men eager to teach her - and nothing is too perverted for their taste.

When powerful U.S. officials get in the way of Kremlin plans, it's Giselle’s job to entice them, blackmail them or help destroy them so that others can take their place. Giselle uses every advantage she has to accomplish her mission, and complies with every man's desire - even their needs to dominate and enslave women. But all around her are America's top counter-intelligence agencies, and one slip would mean her execution -- either at the hands of the U.S. or her own Soviet masters!

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