Thursday, April 18, 2013

Out Now: BOUND BY BLOOD – Two Novellas of Paranormal Romance by Sarah Bella

There are erotica writers and then there is the brilliant Sarah Bella - and this new collection by Sarah proves how excellent she can be.  Check out Bound By Blood and you will not be disappointed!

A pair of irresistible short novels of vampires and the fairy folk from one of today's most exciting authors of paranormal romance. In Bonded by Blood, Caoimhe has spent hundreds of years as a vampire, swapping one feeding partner for the next, hoping against hope to avoid the blood sickness. When she meets Edana she knows she’s met her Blood Mate, but Edana wants to shift the power between them and will use any means necessary to convince Caoimhe that power exchange can be fun.

In Half of Me, Leanan Sidhe Drake meets his match in Penny, a human artist with fae blood. His taste for the kinky side of life helps teach her a thing or two about creating art but not before they realize a passionate pull so deep it binds them eternally.

Both Drake and Caoimhe lean toward the sexually adventurous and can't resist the call of passion!

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