Monday, April 1, 2013

A TY to the People who Made Our New Site a Reality

Kudos for the existence of the new Sizzler Editions site must be apportioned to three very deserving people who really dedicated themselves to making this a reality:

Frankie Hill, our in-house designer of promotional materials, the Eros Editions paperbacks, and several of our more recent ebook covers, had never built a website and knew nothing of WordPress five months ago. In six weeks he taught himself enough to build us a small website for a new business. Then he sat down and began to build our new Sizzler Editions site, which was an entirely different animal with its 1,300 books and at least 1,500 pages! He took the original Sizzler Editions color scheme, created by Bill Mills in 2006, and updated it, giving everything a more streamlined, contemporary look. It is Frankie who pushed for the improved Book, Category and Author pages, as well as the ability to link books in a series and suggest related books by theme like pirates, office sex, spanking, etc. and many other improvements large and small.

Another big Thank You is due th angelic Jordan, web, computer, and software genius. A single two-hour conversation with her pointed us in the right direction and laid out clearly the path we have followed during the four months we have been building the site. She solved all the internet, IP, and other tech problems that arose along the way, and made the switch to our new location and site today happen in under eight hours, with darn few hitches along the way. And patiently put up with half-hour-long IMs that went nowhere, when it was found I was so ignorant of what she was talking about that I had led us in the wrong direction. With the knowledge of a development guru and the patience of a saint, she led us back to the right path every time. Girl, take a bow!

And, neither least nor last in our estimation, Associate Publisher M. Christian, whose eyes must be worn somewhere down to the optic nerve from maintaining our spreadsheet of 1,300 books and going through it every single day to see what needed what, which books had activated corrently and which ones hadn't, etc. etc. etc. And running errands so the workflow could go on uninterrupted. And getting out PR and books for review. And networking with new authors. And holding the publisher's hand through worries and work on this and nine other difficult projects we are launching. 

Finally, none of this would be possible had Bill and Roc Mills not heroically stepped up to the plate in 2006, in our darkest hour, when I truly did not even know what a server or an IP address was, and built our previous website under the gun in two months, saving our lives. Bill Mills taught me pretty much everything I know about the internet, and its endless parade of new technologies.

Jean Marie and Helene thank you all.

You, the authors and editors are Sizzler Editions. All we did was register the domain name.


  1. Yes, to you all. A job well done. Thank you

  2. An excellent job you did, my books are now on top at least in my category. Thanks, Mick