Saturday, February 2, 2013

12 Months of Sascha Continued! This month: For Her Will

February is a time of love and romance and....wait fuck that shit!

Female Domination and the ultimate expression of love would be through submission.  The journey, the trails, the sexual ecstasy, it all leads back to doing things For Her Will.

In this six story collection, we focused exclusively on different FemDomme bdsm relationships, various aspects of kink being explored.

In Dream Fire, Treize pushes the boundaries of his new lover, Paris, to include bondage and pain.
The Punishment Due was an assignment from the woman whom Mistress Kitty was based on before the Columbians took her out for stealing their salt and mixing it with all the coke they were selling.  She thought it'd be a good idea to cut the coke with salt, something about it needing flavor...Anyway the story deals with more bondage, more pain, voyeurism, the author's penchant for cross dressing and more...
Warming Alyssa deals with love lost, recaptured in a new submissive who offers himself to Mistress Alyssa while trying to show her value, be it his or hers.
Learning a great lesson involves pushing boundaries, and that's just what Mistress Alexis does in Mistress Alexis teaches a lesson.
 Lastly, Aiden's Journey was written for the lovely, seductive Lady Jessica all so many years back, and dealt with his travels as a submissive looking for love and depth in his own life.

The truth is, a part of these stories mirrors my own behaviors,  destructive or not.  They all showed an outcome I hoped for but never found yet the submissive males in each story give something worth more than the orgasm to their Mistresses, who in turn show them just what they need.

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