Saturday, January 19, 2013

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More Fun with Mistress Kitty - Tales of Romantic Female Domination

 One of the great things about this collection is that it's timeless.  Ever read stories that feel dated?  Erotica can be very dated, but some folks like that.  The historical aspects of any Anais Nin story still titillate many women these days and those were written well before the advent of the E-book revolution.

I won't lie, there was some inspiration from those stories in Mistress Kitty too.  I wanted to create a world where readers could slip away into the darker aspects of Kink, find themselves lost in the world of eros and understand that at the end of the day, "I" brought them there, only to have them come back again and again.

Trent isn't an average submissive, nor is any part of him truly based on me.  Odd for a man who writes bondage stories for the Mistress he once had and loved, but when she died in a car wreck on the way to a parade in Columbia Elvis impersonating midgets who happened to be celebrating the release of this very book amongst the drug cartels (true story!) I gave up all thought of putting myself in that position.

Back in the good old days of erotica, I wrote to a LOT of Sevendust, Cold, and other heavy metal acts whose lyrics matched the pain I felt Trent should observe in his growth for becoming Mistress Kitty's perfect submissive. 

Hell, I even pulled out an ideal of what a "bad" mistress would be and how she'd act, with wounds of her own that needed healing, just to contrast her against Mistress Kitty but  she ended up getting only one spotlight in the original MS.

Then the woman I based her off died in a freak accident involving carrots, peas and other various fruits.  

This is one book somehow no matter how hard I try, though I'll never escape it.  I'm grateful for Sizzler Editions picking it up and re-releasing it as a brand new revised edition.  We'll see if the stories can stand the test of time.

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