Thursday, January 24, 2013

Out Now: Sisters To The Chain By Clare Seven

Fans of wonderfully-written BDSM fiction will be thrilled by this brand new release by Clare Seven: pick up Sisters To The Chain and you will not be disappointed!

Erotic fantasy bondage! Betrayed by her evil sister into a prison cell far from her homeland, Meline Talvallin wakes, naked and in chains. Thus begins a series of events in which she is treated as a slave and publically punished for a minor crime. Then Meline is allowed passage back home, where she is determined to confront her evil sibling. First book in a thrilling new saga. 
Clare Seven divides her time between writing erotic fiction, being a management accountant and training for, and taking part, in local triathlon events. Hailing from one of the more remote parts of the United Kingdom, her ideas emerge from many sources (including the twisted fantasies of her ex-boyfriends). Her particular favourites in terms of erotic fiction include, swords and sorcery, slavery and hard labor and dark, dank castles (with obligatory vile dungeons of course).

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