Thursday, January 24, 2013

Out Now: Libby Shores by Jason Walker

Jason Walker is a real kick-ass writer ... and his books are truly wonderful, and not just for the sizzling erotic content.  With his new book, Libby Shores, he shows just how good he can be!

Between the locals confined for the winter and the summer visitors on the prowl, the women of Libby Shores find it a hotbed of sex the year round. In particular five women who meet every month to share their amorous adventures. Elaine thought she had all the young men who lived or visited the town under control, till she found herself under the control of an older man and discovered she loved the special kind of treatment he gave her. Patricia was the personal assistant to a wealthy and powerful Socialite, no one ever noticed her, till she met Troy, who saw something in her that others ignored and was quick to show her just how special she really was. that she was the special one and deserved so much better. Plus three more stories of the very sexy women of Libby Shores.

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