Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Out Now: Getting Even By Joseph J. Cacciotti

Here is erotic noir at it's very, very best: no one can write spicy mystery like  Joseph J. Cacciotti - just check out Getting Even and you will not be disappointed!

What would you do if everything you once owned was taken from you? 
Jason Connors was a Navy Seal who was honorably discharged after losing my temper and almost killing his commanding officer after returning from a terrible ordeal in Afghanistan where he lost his top Sergeant and one of his best friends. Because of this, the Navy felt his time as a Navy Seal was over. They figured he saw too much violence, and instead of sending him to the brig they decided to send him home.
When his old boss James Dicastri, heard he was coming home for good, he invited Jason back to his old job at the steel mill. Jason thanked James and said he wanted to look around for a different type of job, not that there was anything wrong in heavy work. But after twenty years in the Navy including fifteen years as a Navy Seal, he was hungry for something a little more challenging. Jason heard about a possible opening as a detective with the Wisconsin Police force, and because of his expertise in the Navy he was confident he had a good chance of being hired. He needed something a little less violent. 
While waiting to get a call for the detective job, Jason stumbles on some evidence that could put some very important people behind bars for a very long time. But before telling anyone about it, he discovers his front door kicked in and finds a note on the table. Just before being released from the Navy, Jason received a letter from his old flame from high school. Brittney Morris warned him there was trouble in home town, and maybe he should stay away. After discovering his house was indeed trashed, the telephone rings, and a voice says. “I hope we have your undivided attention now Mister Connors, you have something we want, and we now have something you want.”  

Now Jason must figure out what’s going on, but right now there’s only one thing on his mind: finding out who killed his parents and GETTING EVEN.

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