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12 Months of Sascha's Saturdays!

Thanks to a brilliant idea M. Christian had and has begun implementing, I'm going to not only promote a different Sizzler Editions release of mine each month, but give a little more history, facts and fun about the book in question, along with details about the writing process, what truly inspired me and the story and hopefully give our readers more insight into what it takes to make a great erotic story, be it all out erotica or erotic romance.

This month's book will be one we recently recovered and re-released through Sizzler though it had a torrid history beforehand.

Mistress Kitty

By Sascha Illyvich

The stories that launched Sascha Illyvich’s career as a master of BDSM erotica. Follow the adventures of Miss Kitty and her submissive, Trent, through humiliation, punishment, training and on straight through to ecstasy. This powerful collection, available for the first time in a deade, includes such Kitty and Trent tales as So Help Me, Mistress!, Sex Swing, School Marm, Trust, A Sensual Seduction, Playtime, Spanking Trent, Just Who’s in Control, Anyway?, and more than a dozen other contemporary classics. “A Powerful Look at Female Domination!” That’s how Sensual Reviews describes the work of Sascha Illyvich. From the author they call “The Bad Boy of Romance.”

 The history of this book is one that will never escape me.  From even the earliest days of my career in erotica, I wrote BDSM and romance, merging the two together in a harmonious blend of euphoric elation, orgasmic creation against a crylon backdrop where words whipped you into a frenetic frenzy of foreplay, forced torture and sissification, and finally submission.

My desire back in the early days of writing WAS to be the perfect male submissive.  The woman who inspired my feelings and thoughts was a Mistress I met on a phone conversation while talking to another dear friend at the time, and when I heard the sound of said Mistress's voice, I thought to myself "damn she outta be in my bed."

Told her so, in fact.

She actually agreed.  Found out I was a published (that meant paid) erotica author in research mode and I sounded hot too.  We exchanged photos and began a relationship that would inspire numerous stories even this far into my career as I explore the Male Dom dynamic.

This was my tribute to her, a loving, beautiful full figured Female Dominant who deserved a boy just as special as her. 

One of the stories that came about first in the new edition was Allison, a story dedicated to the very first flogger I purchased.

Here's a snippet:

Dear boy,

I love the smell of her. Her weight is balanced just so perfectly. Her color is beautiful. Her knots are elegant; they remind me of the bond we share. Unbroken, timeless and forever, they're a sort of opener and closure to our new toy. Deerskin, because you know I value the softness but also admire just the right sting as an opening toy. I shall call her Allison, after my middle name. You've welcomed a new member to our loving family. For that I thank you. Everything about her is perfect and that shows you pay attention to your Goddess.
Do you know what you've gotten yourself into? Do you understand fully that this is only the beginning of your torture? Or was that the point? You are such a masochist but you're my masochist. I intend at every turn to be watching for opportunities to use Allison now. I've trained you. I've turned you into a novice masochist. I've made you my new toy. Can you imagine the new fun we'll have at the parties we'll go to? Can you see how she'll look, hanging from my belt? Let me paint the picture for you.
You will wear only the leather pants I have bought for you. No shirt. No shoes. Good slaves don't need shoes. You'll be uncollared, at least formally. You will wear my temporary chain, though. My silver chain, do you remember it? Yes, the one I slapped you on the ass with several times in public at the first play party we attended. You were very naughty that night, testing my limits. Now you know better.
I will be dressed in black boots and thigh highs. You'll lace them up, kissing each stitch as you tighten them to fit. You will shave my pussy smooth and I won't wear panties. After you shave me, careful to avoid cutting your Mistress, I may let you kiss my lips just once. You will be kissing the knots of my boots again, just to show me you love the way I look. At some point, because having a shave me turns me on, I'll probably get wet and you'll smell my scent. I may let you finger fuck me, or if you're lucky, you may get to lick my cunt clean. Afterwards, you'll fetch my black skirt and a bustier, which you'll also learn to cinch up. You may cut your fingers on the strings, so I suggest you have Band-Aids ready.
My hair will be down; you'll brush it out for me. Every hair I find in the brush after I tell you to stop will result in a spanking. But maybe it would be better to try Allison out on you at home? Would it make you happier to go out and be spanked in public? I know what you're thinking. You're asking me to decide for you. No. I'm being a tease. Allison will make her debut in public, your ass bared for all to see. Enough about that.
After we've dressed, you'll bring Allison to me so I can look her over. I will make you wear my belt tonight because I am wearing a skirt. Yes, the thin girly one. Don't bitch. I'll slap your face if I see or detect the least bit of resistance about my belt. Someone's got to hold Allison for me tonight; I trust you'll take care of her. Besides, you won't be without me tonight.
You will fetch my keys and escort me to the car, opening the door for me, allowing me to get comfortably seated and then you'll come around to the other side and we'll be off. I should make you drive me because you know how your Mistress hates to drive, but I'm going to be different tonight. You'll deal with it.
Will you remember my rules? You better. You're going to repeat them to me before we leave and once again when we arrive. I expect you to follow all three of them tonight.
When we get to the party, you will follow behind me on my leash until we are inside. I must show you off to some new friends because you are an obedient servant. I'm proud of you. I'll hope you won't disappoint me tonight. As of this writing, I'm not sure just how I'll punish you if you disappoint me, but I'm sure I can think of something.
I think a great way to break Allison in will be by putting you against a cross, yanking down those leather pants and giving you the cold greeting. Do you think I'll enjoy that? You're damn right I will. Your cold skin burned red by my new toy. I won't hit your cock with it, yet. I am open to new ideas. You had better behave to that point.
Criss-cross across your ass and lower back, you'll not say a word, will you? I have tested all sorts of toys so I know the level of pain they dish out. I know you'll take this. Do you think the crowd of people watching will think you strong? Will they just think I'm such a good mistress for making my subbie take this pain like a good boy should? You know I love you.
You will not stay long on the cross, I can't stand to have a hard cock and not be able to fuck until I come at least twice.
I will take you around to various people, and with your eyes lowered, you will introduce yourself to them as Mistress Kitty's pet. You will offer them Allison, calling it by name and show them that you need to be spanked because of an earlier punishment. I'm sure Miss Dani will be overjoyed to punish you. She's wanted to play with you for some time now. I feel proud knowing I have a good sub. She is very respected, and in my opinion, she has earned every ounce of it. If she is there and she accepts the privilege to punish you, then I will leave her with you while I go get a drink. I'll pick something up for you, water or something, or maybe just give you the cherry from whatever I order. That'll suffice. I'm sure you'll be plenty thirsty after she's done with you, though. Her idea of pain tolerance is about the same as mine but we haven't built you up to that level yet. Slowly.
When she returns you to me I will ask for a report and it had better match what she tells me. Otherwise, your night will worsen.
If you're good, maybe I'll let you watch me play with her. I know I'll enjoy it. Just the image of a hard cock while I'm playing with another woman…well…
You know your responsibilities. Keep by my side to be used as a footrest, make sure my drink is always full, that sort of thing. But, I will be showing you and Allison off tonight so you'll probably be sore, but you'll be so pretty, marked, reddened. To think, it'll be so beautiful the way you'll look. It'll be because you pleased me. Tell me, when was the last time you were rewarded for such good behavior? Maybe it's time. 
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