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Frolica Cage debuted in the pages of leather community 'zine Safeword. A light-hearted spoof of bdsm and leather folk, Frolica soon became so popular that she earned her own strip on the web. You can follow her adventure and misadventures thrice weekly at

We will soon be releasing the first collection of her adventures by Frolica creator Steve Adams, who did some wonderful covers for our ebooks back in the early 2000s. Ms. Cage's frolics will appear as an ebook under our new imprint for graphic novels and comic books, eMotion Graphx.

We will be introducing other characters from the strip with you, as well as some eye popping visuals, very soon.

Let Me Show You by Nobilis Reed Video Spot

Here's a wonderful new spot for the extra-special Let Me Show You by
Nobilis Reed!

Sunny had a promising future, a loving boyfriend, and a satisfying sex life. When the symptoms of lupus end her career and frighten off her boyfriend, she doesn't let it destroy her. She finds a new place in the world, her own place, where her desires are accepted and fulfilled. Where is it? "Let Me Show You.
A few years ago Nobilis Reed decided to start sharing the naughty little stories he scribbled out in hidden notebooks. To his surprise, people actually liked them! Now, he can’t stop. The poor man is addicted. His wife, teenage children, and even the cats just look on this wretch of a man, hunched over his computer and shake their heads. Clearly, there is no hope for him. The best that can be hoped for is to just make him as comfortable as his condition will allow. Symptoms of his condition include two novels, several novellas, numerous short stories, and the longest-running erotica podcast in the history of the world. Find his website at, and his podcast at

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DragonCON Cherries...Elizabeth Kolodziej strikes!

I have no flipping clue how to start this blog post so I’m going to go simple.

One word. Dragoncon. Hellz yeah I’m going! And to top it off it is my first dragon…con. I’m getting my dragon cherry popped! LoL. Hindsight, maybe I should have started with that. It’s kind of funny. But whatevs.

So for the big awesome fun part of the post: where can you find me? I say we make it a scavenger hunt! Are you in?!? Can YOU DIG IT?!? I think I’m sleep deprived or drank too much coffee. That or I’m running on the fact that a certain person gave me a two and a half hour notice that I was going to be writing this post. Who knows!

I say we do it!

For a prize the winner gets a…$25.00 gift certificate from Visa to spend where ever they like. They still have those right? Plus! A book. Hmmm. How about one of Sascha’s? I bet he would LOVE to donate.

Whatever, you’ll be getting a prize so here we go!

First task: Get a picture with Sascha Illyvich. It’s what cell phones are made for.

Second task: Get Stella Price OR Kiernan Kelly to autograph some part of your body (remember to bring a Sharpie!).

Third task: I will have Vampyre Kisses bookmarks with me, ask me for one.

Fourth task: Go to Stephanie Burke and get a flyer, postcard, bookmark or business card. She should be handing something out for free. 

Fifth task: Lastly, get a picture of whoever you think as the best most craziest costume on. If your in it the better if not that’s ok too.

To make it a TAD easy on you, you can find us at these events:
Friday August 31st – 10 PM – WriteSEX/Tantric Tentacles

Saturday September 1st – 10 PM – Kirk’s Communicator – Where should I submit?

Sunday September 2nd – 4 PM  – Down and Dirty Marketing

Sunday September 2nd – 11 PM – BDSM 201

Monday September 3rd – 1 PM – 50 Years, The Future!

Events I will be at for sure:
Saturday September 1st – 4 PM – Vampires, Demons and Werewolves—Oh, My!
Sunday September 2nd – 3 PM – What makes a villain?
Sunday September 2nd – 11 PM – BDSM 201
Monday September 3rd – 12 PM – Steampunk 101

On Monday send me an email with the pictures of all the stuff you got and pictures with people. We will do a drawing that following Saturday and pick a winner out of everyone who got every item on the list.

Editor's Note - Sascha may donate, but it won't be a book.  It'll be something much sexier...if you can catch Sascha.

Sizzler Editions rocks DragonCON

This month I’m gearing up for my 4th DragonCON, another almost week long event in Atlanta, GA!  We’ve four panels scheduled on the EFF forums, I’m also appearing on the Writers Track forums plus the Fetish BDSM 201 panel. I’ll have a complete schedule posted once I know it all but as of now:

Friday August 31 – 10 PM – WriteSEX/Tantric Tentacles - Sizzler Authors Kiernan Kelly, Stephanie Burke and myself will be on that panel.  We'll also enjoy cover artist Stella Price's wittiness.  The panel will focus on writing science fiction properly with pronouns in m/m and multi alien race erotica, and transition into erotica as a profitable business based on the WriteSEX platform created by Sascha Illyvich, featuring publisher Jean Marie Stine, editor/author M. Christian and famed horror novelist N. T. Morley. 

Saturday September 1st – 10 PM – Kirk’s Communicator – Where should I submit? - Moderating is Sizzler Author Kiernan Kelly.  Talking e-pubs, print, self pubs, contracts, all the good stuffs. 

Sunday Sept 2nd 4 PM  – Down and Dirty Marketing - once you're published, now what?  You've gotta SELL and our powerhouse of authors know how to push those books!

Sunday Sept 2nd 11 PM – BDSM 201 - Yours truly taking Q/A on kinky sex.

Monday September 3rd 1 PM – 50 Years, The Future! - Stephanie Burke, Kiernan Kelly and I are joined by marketing guru Gail Z. Martin to share lessons learned and give advice to writers of all levels. 

It promises to be a BLAST!

Curious to see how things will go?  Check out last year's WriteSEX podcasts here

M.Christian Is Coming To New York

Check your calendars folks - or run for the hills, if you'd prefer - but erotic author (and Associate Publisher for Sizzler Editions) M. Christian is not only going to be taking a nibble out of the Big Apple as a tourist in late September ... but teaching some very cool classes as well!

Here's what he's going to be doing and where ... hope to see you there!



DATE: Wednesday, September 26, 2012
TIME: 8:00PM - 11:00PM
LOCATION: Joria Studios
260 West 36th St, 3rd Floor, between 7th and 8th Aves

Sure, you've heard of it – and maybe been intrigued by it – but what is polyamory and how do you love more than one person and make it work? How can you deal with jealousy, time-management, emotional rough patches, and more, to enter into multiple sexual relationships? We'll learn to separate the myths from the realities of polyamory, how to make tentative steps towards having more than one partner, and how to approach and deal with the problems of sharing yourself with others, and being involved with someone who, in turn, is involved with someone else.
Doors open at 7:30 pm - Meeting begins at 8 pm

COST: TES Members $4, Students with ID $4, Reciprocal Groups $6, Non-Members $10




DATE: Thursday, September 27, 2012
TIME: 6:30PM - 8:30PM
SHAG ...a sexy shop
108 Roebling Street @ N. 6th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11211

There are many ways to reach your inner sexual and spiritual self - but one of the most surprisingly powerful paths is through the written word. In this lecture/workshop, participants will hear how erotic writing (fiction as well non-fiction) can reach hidden places that often lay unexposed, and to help make personal discoveries and to assist in a personal journey of self and sensuality. Participants will learn how to free their erotic writing voices, how to develop their writing towards discovering their erotic spirits within, and when to silence - and when to listen - to the inner critic.

COST: $20



DATE: Saturday, September 29, 2012
TIME: 1:00PM – 3:00PM
The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual &
Transgender Community Center
208 West 13th Street
New York, NY 10011
Phone: 212-620-7310

Celebrated erotic author M. Christian will be teaching his acclaimed sex-writing class and workshop Sex Sells: How To Write And Sell Erotica one time only in New York City!

The market for erotic fiction and nonfiction has always been popular but these days it's truly booming. Gay, lesbian, bi, straight ... you name it and it's selling like mad!

But even though the genre is more popular that ever, doesn't mean that there aren't important lessons to be learned in how to write, and sell, effective erotica.

For the beginning writer, erotica can be the ideal place to begin getting published, and - best of all - earning money ... and for the experienced author, erotica can be an excellent way to beef up your resume and hone your writing skills.

In Sex Sells: How To Write And Sell Erotica - this wildly entertaining class - M. Christian will review the varieties of personal and literary expression possible in this exciting and expanding field. Here you'll learn not just these creative techniques to writing stories that wonderfully sizzle but also essential lessons in dealing with editors, publishers, marketing your work, using social networking sites, and more.

In Sex Sells: How To Write And Sell Erotica you'll learn:
· How to create love and sex scenes that sizzle
· Current pay rates
· How to write for a wide variety of erotic genres
· Where and how to submit your writing
· The ebook revolution and what it means for writers of any genre
· How to cultivate your erotic imagination
· Where to sell your work to magazines, websites, anthologies, book publishers
· Techniques for writing convincing stories for sexual orientation and interests beyond your own
· The best Internet resources for writers of erotica
· How respond to fans, reviewers and criticism
- and much, much more

COST: $20

Monday, August 27, 2012

Out Now: Me2 By M. Christian

Sizzler is extremely pleased and proud to be able to announce the re-release of M. Christian's extremely controversial queer horror/thriller novel, Me2 ... though there is some doubt that the author is actually another M. Christian...

"Absolutely brilliant!" says Lisabet Sarai, author of Incognito and Fire, about M. Christian's controversial manlove male horror/thriller.  
He looks just like you.  He acts exactly like you.  He takes away your job.  He steals your friends.  He seduces your lover. None of them can tell the difference. Every day he becomes more and more like you, pushing you out of your own life, taking away what was yours … until there’s nothing left.  Where did he come from?  Robot?  Alien?  Clone?  Doppelganger?  Evil twin?  Long lost brother?  How do you know that you are the real you? And how to you fight back to reclaim your life?   
A fascinating novel of identity, Me2 is a groundbreaking manlove chiller you’ll remember for a long time – no matter who you are, or who you think you may be.  
(Despite rumors that this book was written by an impostor - but, rest assured, this is the real 'M. Christian.'  Accept no substitutes!) 
Me2 is a unique and always entertaining fable-novel about what exactly identity may entail and how we may or may not decide whether it's worth the price of keeping it.
- Felice Picano, author of Art & Sex in Greenwich Village 
M. Christian has a delightful, marvelously twisted way with words which cause his narratives to crawl beneath your skin and fester there, making you go back for more. He writes with a strong, unique voice which is not only entertaining but also makes you think, makes you ponder the improbable. You'll think you've read this delicious, fast-paced story, but did you? Or was it you?
- Mari Adkins contributing editor, Apex Science Fiction and Horror Digest 
"With delicious slyness, M. Christian creates a world in which the familiar becomes sinister and the comfort of daily routine is replaced by a growing sense of dread. His modern parable lays bare the all-too-real dangers inherent in the sacrifice of individuality in the pursuit of cultural homogenization."
- Michael Thomas Ford, author of Full Circle and Changing Tides

Out Now: The Challenge [Her Surrender Book I] By Terri Pray

Terri Pray is simply one of all-time best romantic BDSM authors we have and this, her new book in a brand new series, proves just how good she can be: The Challenge [Her Surrender Book I]

A brand new novel of romantic bondage by bestselling author, Terri Pray. Linda was a hard-driving boss by day at work. But when she met Mark, she discovered she had a need to let go of all that power and control at night. Mark gave her a safeword, but Linda determined never to use it. Until she learned about the first challenge on the path to her surrender. A novel of love and lashes from one of the reigning grandmistress of romantic bondage.

Out Now: Better Man By Veronica Grace

Here's a real treat for fans of science fiction - especially science fiction - erotica: a brand new book by Veronica Grace: Better Man

Instead of a better mousetrap, she decided to build - a better man! Romance, steampunk, and a carnal encounters spice up this story of a woman who dared tread in the path of Victor Frankenstein. Amelia, an industrious Victorian era woman scientist, tired of failed, stiffled relationships, gives up on men and sets out to construct a man of her own creation, who possesses none of the bad qualities of the men she knows - and will have every quality she belives it would take to be a better man. Along the way Amelia finds the monster within herself, and discovers the true problem with her relationships lies hidden deep in her own psyche. But too late, she realizes that she has passed that part of herself unwittingly on to her creation. Meanwhile, Gabriel, the one person in her life has always loved her for who she was, discovers the nature of her secret project. Frightened and repulsed. he disappears, breaking Amelia's heart. Will she be able let go of the past and realize that Gabriel, and not her sexy new creation, is the better man? An enthralling erotic romance!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Out Now: Cradle Robber By Eleanor Tremaine

Here's a real treat for fans of hotter-than-hot cougar erotica, a new book by Eleanor Tremaine: Cradle Robber

Cougar ahead - warning dangerous curves! He was of age, but he was also nearly her daughter's age. He was also too hot to resist. She knew what happendd in Vegas would have to stay there. But when that much younger man made a pass at her, she found she couldn't say "No!" He had the body but she had the knowledge. It was one long weekend of love. Another true and fascinating look at the erotic adventures of today's cougars from the pen of Eleanor Tremaine!

Interview with James Williams and a free ebook giveaway By BDSM Reviews

Sizzler is pleased and proud to be able to share this excellent interview with one of our star erotica authors, James Williams - courtesy of the always-great BDSM Reviews.

- and, as part of this great interview, a fortunate person will receive a free copy of James Williams's Red Nails In the Sunset!

James Williams: Author of Red Nails In the Sunset (Renaissance eBooks) 
But I Know What You Want (originally from Greenery Press) has now been republished by Sizzler as Liberation: And Other Tales Of Sex And Sensibility by James Williams. 
We reviewed Red Nails and it received our highest ratings. You can read the original review here.  Leave a comment to this interview and be entered to win a free copy of this books compliments of Sizzler. You must leave your comment by midnight Saturday, August 18th, 2012. 
When you first started writing, did you have any idea you’d be writing BDSM/kinky books? Do you write in any other genre? 
I never plan what I write, and I never planned what I wrote in the past. Something simply comes over me and I have learned to let it lead. In that sense I bottom to the state of mind that in other times and places I could call my Muse without anticipating pages of complaints and arguments. Perhaps I should call it my Higher Power because the feeling I have is very much one of being high. I follow the story until it ends, usually in a lightheaded frenzy, and if I stop for some extraneous reason – it’s time for dinner; the cat’s down a well; the house is on fire – that usually signals the end of my session and my failure to complete the piece. Because I find the processes of domination and surrender quite compelling, much of my work has concerned BDSM. Because I also find sex quite compelling, much of my non-BDSM work has concerned sex. But because sex and erotic power are not the be-all and end-all of a human life, I have also written stories I’m very attached to that concern neither. 
Are you actively involved in BDSM? If so how do you identify yourself? Dom(me)/sub? Top/bottom? Switch 
I have been owned as someone’s erotic slave, and I have owned my own pet human; I have been sexual and also done BDSM as both a top and as a bottom with cis-genered men, cig-gendered women, and transwomen, though never to the best of my recollection with a transman. So I must identify as a switch. Really, though, every human relationship entails a power dynamic, and it has been part of my journey to identify the energy of relationships I am in. As is true with my writing I seek to follow the energy I encounter. 
Do you write BDSM/kink erotica based on what you find interesting or sexy, or do you write more for your audience? 
I write for my own fulfillment, amusement, and edification. I have no reader or audience in mind when I write, and I do not plan to publish till some later time. I write the way I eat or sleep: until I am finished with what I’m doing. 
Do you do any “hands-on” research when you’re writing BDSM/kinky themed erotica? 
I write so deeply from my own experience and my ability to extrapolate that, in a sense, my research was finished years ago. I did write one story for which I sought clarification about historical events, but I’d already written the story before I asked the experts who could inform me. 
If someone new to your work is going to start with a story, which one would you recommend they read first? 
Anyone’s taste belongs to the person alone, so I do not recommend. But of course I have favorites: stories I believe I would read and enjoy even if I had not written them. Among those that sport BDSM themes I am especially fond of “A Pure Fool,” “Moon,” and “Jason’s Cock” from my first collection, Red Nails in the Sunset (originally published as . . . But I Know What You Want), and of “Liberation” and “The End” from my second collection,Liberation. But I am partial to several stories in each collection that are not BDSM or even sex related because they take up philosophical themes that matter to me and that I am not accustomed to seeing in literary erotica. Among those stories are “I Bow,” “Every Picture Tells a Story,” and especially “The Magic Mirror” from Red Nails, and “Angels Dance” and “Cahiérs du Cinema” from Liberation.

Do you attend BDSM, kink, or fetish conferences? Or do you attend any other “vanilla” type of conferences? Attending any in the near future you want to mention? 
Oh, Honey, I used to attend so many conferences! Living in Leather and LeatherFest were my favorite leather events back a bunch of years ago, but I’ve also attended many conferences ranging from CARAS to The Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality to the Modern Language Association and things in between you wouldn’t want to admit you recognized. These days I’m kind of conferenced out, and spend my meeting time counting the apples on my lemon tree. 
Who is your favorite BDSM/kinky author? Movie? 
Staying with fiction, I honor not one, but a time in history, and the oldsters who wrote when this whole world belonged to the outlaws. John Preston’s Mister Benson series, Laura Antoniou’s The Marketplace series, Geoff Mains’ exquisite fisting story “A View from the Sling,” Dorothy Allison’s Trash, and Pat Califia’s Doc and Fluff and Macho Sluts and with an extra star for “The Calyx of Isis.” 
What is your favorite flavor ice cream? And since this interview is for BDSM Book Reviews, vanilla is not an option! 
I decline to make the case for vanilla bean, and I leave apart all contemporary efforts to turn such savories as crème fraiche, goat cheese, olive oil, and basil into ice creams, nor do I enroll Alice B. Toklas’s garlic ice cream, which is really a salad dressing. Because, then, I’m a pretty old-fashioned sort of hominid when it comes to frozen delights; and even though I adore a fresh peach chock full of fresh peaches, apple in all its incarnations but especially with the faintest tributary of cinnamon, the deep rich blood of never-frozen-until-the-ice-cream fresh cherry, the perennially banana-flavored banana, and the hopelessly New York-ish blueberry cheesecake, really I don’t think there’s anything to compare with the pedestrian values of a stinkingly rich chocolate-chocolate-chocolate fudge chocolate for ice cream.

Out Now: Dark Sensualities And Primal Instincts - Paranormal Erotica By Sascha Illyvich

There is simply no one better at writing BDSM erotica than our resident master of the genre, Sascha Illyvich  - and with Dark Sensualities And Primal Instincts: Paranormal Erotica Sascha Illyvich roves just how good he can be!

"A wonderful, erotic storyteller ... turns you on and tugs your heartstrings at the same time!" -Sabrina Smith Moses. Sascha Illyvich, the famed "Bad Boy of Romance" is noted for his dark, paranormal erotica - and the best of it is here in this enthralling collection which encludes a complete novel novel of vampires and eros (Dark Traders), a wonderful novelette of lycanthropy and romance (Wolf Magic), a short story about a man enslaved by a sexy female demon who is also a dominatrix (His Demon Mistress), plus more unforgettable novelettes and short stories. "His books make me wet." -Pinky Francisco 
More kudos for the works of Sascha Illyvich
"OMG I can't wait to read more, that was amazing!" –Kajira Calla, Fetlife 
"I love your style, and how you described scent throughout the story" –SixtyTen, Fetlife 
"Hot damn! fans self" –Mistress Gina Kincade, Owner of Naughty Nights Press 
"Has an eerie, surreal aura hanging around it. a great 'performance" –JimmyJump, 
"A powerful look at female domination!" –Sensual Romance Reviews

Friday, August 17, 2012

Painted Doll - An Excerpt

In celebration of the re-release of M. Christian's cyberpunk BDSM erotica novel, Painted Doll, here's an except...

Chapter 2

... Qui Dan Road to the High Street, a stumble of crisp British in a city of fish sauce and MSG. The change didn’t alter her steps, modify her movements.

Beautiful? Oh, yes: without doubt, without a question. The splendor of a rose, the loveliness of an orchid. The kimono is flawless, as is the china white of her immaculately applied artificial complexion. As she walks, hearts stop then race. As she walks, heads twist, eyes widen. As she walks, breaths are hissed in, sighed out.

Beautiful? Oh, yes: without doubt, without a question. But she is a knife-edged rose, a razor sharp orchid. Her stride is mechanically perfect, as is her perfectly vertical posture. Their hearts might race, their heads may twist, their eyes certainly widen, their breaths absolutely hiss in and hiss out, but as she steps nearer they instead step back. As she walks, they avert their eyes. As she walks, they pull themselves in.

The woman walking down the High Street feels them watching her, their glances furtive tickles, their quick stares barely felt hooks out of the corners of her always forward facing eyes. Passing a bookseller – tight fans of rough tan paper with lurid Cantonese chops on their glistening plastic covers hung in sagging arcs of cord – a reflection was revealed to her, a caught sight of what they were seeing.

But not what they were thinking. But she knew, nevertheless: each of them lost in illusions and fantasies as carefully crafted as her rouge, as flawlessly presented as the mae migoro and ushiro migoro of her kimono, as immaculately assembled as her performance:

She’s a dragon, some might think: the cruelty of a reptile, the flawlessness of a myth. You may approach her, with bravery beyond that of any battlefield, speaking with a stammer and a twitch, and if you were fortunate beyond your worth she’d slow, pause, turn with prudently measured grace, deeming your presence not completely disgusting. With that look, at that glance, would be a flickering forked tongue of cruel invitation, a scintillating promise of peaked breasts topped with fist-tight nipples, a belly steel plate flat and firm, a behind curving out in twin clenches of muscular intensity, thighs sculpted by rigid posture, and between them a scented valley of ruby silk.

But first, a miniscule task. But first, an all but insignificant request: to firmly stand guard for her honor and dignity; to fetch a inestimable gem, an incalculable jewel, or just a unexceptional sticky-sweet pastry; to perform for her a melody of praise, or a stammering litany of desperate worth; or a quick athletic demonstration of physical merit; or become for her an avenging knight, a battle to defend her honor against some heinous offense.

A minuscule task. An insignificant request. Accepted without doubt or hesitation, the reward a slow curl at the corner of her cold stone face, a bow of gratitude, and a bright flash of serpentine green eyes. Totally entranced by her, completely captured by her, the dragon would then reveal the metaphorical points of venomous teeth, sinking the illusion of her love deep into the shaft of your encouraged penis by showing you the true face of her cruelty.

The prize was yours but the tasks were actually anything but miniscule, not at all insignificant: firmly stand guard for her honor and dignity – for a year; fetch a inestimable gem, an incalculable jewel, or just a unexceptional sticky-sweet pastry – from a thousand miles away; perform for her a melody of praise, or a stammering litany of desperate worth – perfectly, without the tiniest flaw; a quick athletic demonstration of physical merit – unattainable by even the greatest athlete; or become for her an avenging knight, a battle to defend her honor against some heinous offense – in combat against a killing machine.

And so the dragon passes by, a smile on her cold-blooded face. No one approaches her, no one is willing to come near. And so they live, by letting her just walk by.

She’s a doll, some might think: a porcelain figure, an ivory representation. Beneath the silks and satins would be a body as perfect as only a master artisan could create. Breasts both delicate and womanly, nipples as delicate as rosebuds, a belly with an ideal swell, hands with the grace of ten Noh performers, calves a perfect taper, thighs an entrancing form, back a clean surface of alabaster, neck a musical curve, feet delicate and precious, a behind highlighted with sacral dimples, and a female cleft that was a pale oyster and a tiny pink pearl.

Like a doll, she would belong to whoever buys her. Cash, credit, merchandise – the right amount and the woman would instead walk behind, following her owner towards palace or hovel, both with the same unmoving mask of her face.

Palace or hovel, she would walk in the door, standing still and quiet with an item’s posture. Maybe she’d look better in the living room window, where the afternoon would bathe her in golden light? Or perhaps she’d be better exhibited in the bedroom, where her kimono could be removed like one from a real woman.

Yes, the bedroom. That was where she would be best displayed. Moving past, it was clear in their eyes, the allure of her perfect submission. A thing. An object. A piece of feminine sculpture. Unable to disagree, unable to refuse, bendable in all kinds of imaginative ways. From behind, cock sliding between her cool ivory cheeks. Face to face, marble breasts for unimpeded kiss, licks, and sucks. On top, her tight thighs spread apart and welcoming upward thrusts. Anything you wanted, anytime you wanted.

Desire was a rippling wave behind her, a heat distortion in the warm city air. It was obvious in their eyes that there, in her, was a world without ‘no,’ a land without complaint, a woman without a soul.

Then they stopped, that wave of erections and licked dry lips chilled with a slap of frigid revelation. Stepping back with the rest of the crowd, these men retreated from the precise rhythm of her steps, with whimpering fear in their wide eyes, their shaking heads.

Ivory arms, marble legs, alabaster body: inflexible, unfeeling, stiff, unbending, unyielding, and -- worst of all -- cold. With her you’d never hear ‘no,’ never be refused, never be denied, but you’d also never hear the beat of her heart, the music of her voice, the chimes of her laughter, the moans and screams of her pleasure. You’d perform with her your deepest, darkest, most subterranean – and all she would do would be to look at you with inscrutably glass eyes.

She’s a tiger, some might think: a beast with the stripes of a traditional Japanese dress. Hidden beneath her Asian camouflage was a woman’s body, exercised into an extension of her erotic drive. Where other women had euphemisms and poetic alliterations, she had simple, direct, and powerful words to describe herself. Where other women had bosoms, she had tits of ideal jiggle and sway, covered in thrilling smooth skin. Where other women had nipples, she had a pair of dark brown direct connections to her clit. Where other women had posteriors, she had two plush muscular globes that clenched and released with the beating heat of her clit. Where other women had sexes, she had a demanding, insistent cunt.

To see and handle these differences would be more fortune than seduction. You did not take the tiger to dinner and slip hot words between dessert and coffee. You did not lay flowers at the feet of this hot blooded woman within the cool disguise of a geisha. You did not whisper poetry into the shell-like ear of this elegantly robed bitch.

There was no way to make her do anything, no way to slyly allure or simply trick her into a private room, no way to seduce her. The only thing anyone could do was to stand within the range of that sweeping predatory glance and hope that her eyes would positively estimate your worth as a device for her pleasure. Then, and only then, would her red-painted lips open ever-so, more than a whisper but less than full voice, and speak the one word you’d prayed to hear: “Come.”

Behind her, pulled along by her insatiable need, you would follow. It wouldn’t be a long journey, for her cunt has a very short attention span. Cheap hotel on the next street, expensive one even closer by, or just the nearest fetid and slimy alley – whatever was within range.

Patience was for ladies. Hesitation was for women. Tigers – even ones hidden within silks and satins – had no need for foreplay, patience, or hesitation. They wanted, so they took.

And if you were lucky, she would take you. Hands down to your cock, a squeezing judgment for size and firmness. Lips to yours, a tongue penetrating your mouth, am attacking kiss wanting nothing of you but to be kindling to her roaring heat.

On her knees, she would take you. But only because that was what she wanted. Your come was not expected or important. A flesh device to penetrate an orifice, you would be used until she was bored and ready to move onto other penetrations of other orifices.

Or perhaps she’d require something else. Falling back, satin fabric pulled roughly aside, she might bare an insistent slickness, the gleaming lips and fast-beating clit, and demand your service. Failure to accept or in performance too terrible to contemplate.

At the end, your cock would be needed: hard, strong, and fast -- nothing else important to her. Burning hot, insanely wet, you’d enter and execute the task she’d ordered, working until her screams tore at your ears and her nails scratched along your back.

Then that would be it. Humiliating? Being reduced to only a device for someone’s pleasure usually is. But the blistering heat of her, the ferocious need of her cunt would put – and keep – a smile on your sweaty face.

But – and again men standing step back, retreat in shivering dread when she walks back – one does not ever tame a tiger, even after it is fed. Who knows what she might hunger for after? Meat, blood, flesh, dignity, any number of horrible violations – any of them within her grasp, and you too exhausted to resist.

Tigers are wild things, after all: enjoyable to watch in zoos, penned behind restraining bars, but far too bloodthirsty in bed.

She’s a machine, some might think: isn’t it wonderful what they’re doing with shape memory alloys, mnemetic plastics, optical fibers, and conductive polymers? Absolutely wonderful things coming out of Japan, India, the Wilding, and the young turks of the École Polytechnique, these days. Look up and there are dragonfliers pausing for location fixes before darting off at near-invisible speeds, packages clutched under their iridescent fuselages. Look down and there are myriad scurrying mechanisms trailing polished tracks of perfumed cleanliness through the city’s persistent grime. Look around and there are cinematics lazily scrolling across a lady’s fluttering fan, posters for the newest Malasian blockbuster cycling through tantalizing glimpses of furious martial arts and stiffly chaste duets, the hushed commuting fuel-cell and ethanol traffic, and the softly creaking carbon fibers of a prosthetic hand on a crumble-faced veteran of the Chinese genocide as he lays down a mah-jongg tile.

Look at her and you might see a device as carefully machined as a German car, a Swiss watch, a Japanese entertainment center, Indian software, or an African running shoe: breasts as ideal and resilient as silicone, skin of perfectly cured plastic, muscles as precise and strong as actuators, a genital-pleasuring interface between her thighs, a mouth with the same technology.

It was a safe bet that without her protective kimono covering, the pseudo-body of hers was as superlative as a supermodel, as sensuous as a Playmate of whatever month, as adept as an amalgamation of every courtesan who’d ever lived, as refined and machined as her manufacturers could make her.

Movement like the architecture in fine software, presence as authoritative as graceful as a jet fighter, skin as smooth as the polish on a fresh-from-the-factory-floor Ferrari, she passed by – and with her passing the tracking of lust and greed in the eyes of the male crowd, and sour envy on the faces of everyone else.

Here was the best of both of a man’s world: the twin allures of a clever device together with a well-articulated woman – or, to be more specific, as those men revealed so obviously, ‘coupled’ together, a mating between flesh and sex and advanced technology and power. Purchasing this – or simply leasing with an option to do the same – and putting it in the garage or the bedroom, would mean not just a product but also a woman of every dream, not just a sex partner but also a sophisticated piece of fine engineering.

But that wasn’t all. Look at them watching her move by. Lust was there, both for machine as well as woman, but there was also the dawning realization that there could be even more there: things that squeezed, buzzed, vibrated, hummed, heated, cooled, swirled, oscillated, tingled, and more, more, more so much more.

But then they pulled away, out of her way, out of her traffic, their fantasies dropping behind to be passed by the rushing acceleration of a nightmare, the barreling truck of a terrifying understanding.

Engineering, went their minds as they retreated, is fine and good, stimulating and thrilling. Sex, they thought as they ran away from her, is fantastic and wonderful. But to fuck a machine, to be intimate with gears and cogs, synthetics and electricity, hydraulics and radiators, could be good, but also could be like thrusting into a meshing, tearing, burning, shocking, scalding, blistering industrial accident.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

BDSM Reviews Likes Eternal Bliss by Bonni Sansom

Check out this wonderful review for Bonni Sansom's Eternal Bliss by BDSM Reviews

Story Rating: 5 out of 5 paddles 
Sting Factor (kink): 4 out of 5 
Do you like a little quirky and a lot of sweet with your Naughty?  If so, this is definitely the book from you. Bonnie Sansom immediately manages to connect readers to main character Laine! 
Laine is having a bad day and she is pretty sure she has just had one of the most embarrassing moments of her life in front of the sexiest guy she has ever seen. Kyle is having a typical day at work when an accident happens right in front of him and he is captivated by the beauty involved in the accident. 
The connection between Kyle and Laine is undeniable and their bad luck is heartbreaking yet heartwarming at the same time. There are a few main supporting characters, one who deserves a good kick in the ass, but every one of the characters is well developed and multi-dimensional. 
With more passion and more depth than most contemporary erotica books, Bonnie manages to keep readers guessing the whole way. Be prepared to experience a wide range of emotions right along with the characters.

Kit O'Connell Likes The Very Bloody Marys

In further celebration of the re-release of M.Christian's queer horror/humor vampire novel, The Very Bloody Marys, here's a very nice review of the book by Kit O'Connell:

It’s no secret that M. Christian and I are friends. I’ve introduced one of his books and we’ve guest blogged for each other too. So even if I’m not the most unbiased critic, I still like to highlight interesting books I read from time to time even if they are by friends of mine.

One of Chris’ many recurring themes are alternate visions of the police. One of the characters in his wonderfully weird novel near-future novel Finger’s Breadth is a freelance officer who receives his orders and files reports via a distributed police ap on his smartphone. “Bluebelle” in The Bachelor Machine explores a future cop’s intimate relationship with his police vehicle, and Christian even co-edited the anthology Future Cops.

The most recent book I read by him is The Very Bloody Marys. Like Finger’s Breadth, it takes place in an alternate San Francisco but creatures of the night. Our hero is Valentino, a young gay vampire so uncertain of his place in the world that he can’t even decide how to start telling his story at the beginning of the book, so he begins again 2 or 3 times. Somehow, despite his Lestat-like confidence or prowess, he’s been selected to join an undead police force charged with maintaining the secrecy of the undead and the weird. Here, Valentino laments his own impending doom after his superior officer disappears:
Two hundred years. It’d been a good run. Lots of … well, there’d been blood of course. Moons. Stars. Rain. Fog. Hiding, too: all-night movie theaters, bars, discos, stables, warehouses, churches, a few synagogues (even a mosque or two) [...] Lots of … I was going to say friends but, to be honest, the nightlife might be advantageous to boogying but doesn’t make for long-term relationships. Some back-alley assignations, sticky stuff in my mouth or pants; not blood, or at least not up until a few years ago.

Two hundred sure sounds like a lot, but … the time just seemed to have hopped, skipped and jumped by. Never skied, never sailed, never surfed, never had two guys at once [...] What surprised me the most, though, was what I wanted more: orchids, bow ties, potato salad, string, oil or watercolor, hooks and line, two of everything.
The book has a breezy, playful noir style which would make it perfect summer reading. Though it doesn’t have the usual romance (though it has a handful of interesting unrequited ones), I found it especially interesting as a queer take on the torrid vampires-and-werewolves subgenre of urban fantasy.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Out Now: Zhenaij's Chattel By Susanna Valent

Here's a book that quite literally has something for everyone ... erotica.  Pick up this new book and you're all-but-guaranteed to have a great time: Zhenaij's Chattel By Susanna Valent.

"Undress me, you shiftless maids!" Zhenaij demanded. -- So begins Susanna Valent's newest saga of sapphic bondage and submission. More epic in every way than her now classic Queen's Slave Woman series this is science fictional bdsm on a whole new scale of adventure, passion and uninhibited sexuality. General Zhenaij liked to fight hard, train hard, ride hard, play hard, and love hard. She was the hardest woman presently in the Horde, and probably the hardest woman the Horde had ever produced, for that matter. She had to be, for she was the first and only female general on the Council of Ten. Right now, with her most recent skirmish behind her, the only concern was getting herself the rest of the ten women to whom she was entitled. However, before she reviewed her captives, she needed sex. You should never choose a new woman without taking the edge off first, or chances are you would take the first one you saw, and that could be a problem. "Send to the harem for my next three women," Zhenaij growled at her adjutant as they approached her tents. "After I have had my fill of them, I will see the captives." A BDSM science fiction/fantasy by a master of the genre - not just a tale of otherworldly adventure but one spiced with the best BDSM erotica there is!

Out Now: Loving Liam By Olivia London

We simply cannot rave enough about the erotic writing of Olivia London and with this, her new novella, you'll see that our praise is worthwhile - and then some: Loving Liam by Olivia London

Leda always dreaded the holiday season until a co-worker from GUYO (Give Us Your Opinions) invited the lovely lass to a party where she met… him. Liam was a classic Renaissance Man whose latest job was teaching at the prestigious BALI (Bay Area Literary Institute). Soon, Leda and Liam were loving each other with a passion that outshines the brightest of gifts. But a mash note from a student threatens to douse the flame and leave Leda heartbroken. Leda eventually confronts Liam and he leaves. Will their love survive the wreckage of temptation? Only the brightness of their love can pull them from the darkness of mistrust, back to each other’s arms. Olivia London is a true genius when it comes to intoxicating erotica and this, her wonderful new novel, proves just how good she can be! Olivia's stories have appeared in Ruthie's Club, For the Girls, Oysters & Chocolate and She has contributed to numerous anthologies including Lesbian Love 3, The Bad Girl's Sweet Kiss, and The Mammoth Book of Threesomes and Moresomes.

Out Now: Jenny's Suffering [A Tale Of Future Bondage, Book 5] By Cheryl Allen Tessler

Jenny's hardcore adventures in her BDSM future continue in this brand new addition to the best-selling series: Jenny's Suffering [A Tale Of Future Bondage, Book 5] By Cheryl Allen Tessler

A science fictional tale of BDSM. Rachel’s plan to use Eric to subdue Jenny is complicated when RT passes his interest in Jenny to Eric. Dirk, a DiMarco’s guard and Jenny’s boyfriend, colludes in a plot to secure Jenny’s final promotion. Just when it appears promotion is imminent, Eric bars the way. Jenny's BDSM futuristic adventures continue on this, the fifth book in the bestselling series by Cheryl Allen Tessler

Out Now: Temple Dancer - Esoteric Erotica By Venus Rose

Here's a very special treat for all those people who like their BDSM erotica with the extra spice of "sexual liberation, tribal fashion and rituals, fantasy landscapes, and futuristic technology:" Temple Dancer - Esoteric Erotica By Venus Rose!

A fantastic collection of esoteric and hot, hot, hot erotica by a master of the genre: "Lush, vivid, stories incorporate entheogenic tantric educational exercises, inter-dimensional sexual liberation, tribal fashion and rituals, fantasy landscapes, and futuristic technology and civilization," and "Modern erotica that weaves in ancient archetypes, lush dreamscapes and hidden symbols found in exciting, sexual encounters. Readers can identify with current times, fantasies, role play and orgiastic adventures" plus even Dance Erotica: Sultry, often extraordinary, erotic encounters happening in the context of specific dance traditions set in various historic time periods. Feel the emotion, the passion, and the intensity of dancers embodying the divine through dance and sacred sexual love play.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Steve Williams Loves Painted Doll

As part of Sizzler's celebration of the re-release of M.Christian's cyberpunk BDSM novel, Painted Doll, here's a glowing review from Steve Williams at

Examining The Dark New Book From A Rising American Genre Writer

In a future where technology is key, what do you do when you are being hunted by a volume of unknown, lethal, cyberneticaly enhanced assassins that can be activated remotely and at a moments notice, sent after you by an employer who’s reach in the world is unparalleled, and the Far East is the last refuge after the disintegration of the United States of America? Well, you might go into hiding in the very best way possible. You might change your identity, your name, your speech and become everything that you were not. You might even hide behind the thick makeup of the porcelain like Geisha. 
This is the story of rogue computer analyst Claire, or Domino the Erotist as she becomes, the heroin in a wonderfully dark new novel from M. Christian. Claire adopts the hard, frozen persona of Domino to escape the clutches of her ex-employer who believes she has been stealing from him. Claire goes into a protection program of sorts, becoming Domino, who, with her excellently conceived kit of neuron stimulating inks and large, wand like brush, is charged with giving various clients a special service: using the inks she can stimulate any emotion she so chooses and create visions of fantasy more real than anything the client has previously experienced. But more than this, the Erotist can gauge a client, and in the guise of Domino, Claire is able to discern what truly motivates them and ‘pushes their buttons’. 
The character of Domino is a fascinating creation, but there are others here for those interested in the world of science-fiction. ‘Many’ is a creature capable of jumping between bodies through some sort of data transfer, and is an interesting edition to the plethora of characters. Unfortunately, we only meet Many on an ironically few occasions, but he/she is certainly memorable. 
Less interesting is Claire’s love interest Flower, a girl from whom she has had to be separated from. Whilst Flower is characterized by M. Christian in such a way that she is immediately recognizable with her own distinct tone and voice, she seems to function largely as a sounding-board in Claire’s loss of identity as maintaining the persona of Domino becomes more of a threat to her emotional health. There is nothing wrong with this, but had M. Christian chose to split the narrative apart and had it from multiple points of view, rather than from solely Claire’s, it may have served to give more of a life to Flower than what she ultimately had. However, when dealing with what could be perceived as a split personality to begin with – Claire and Domino wrestle for hold over the other – this limiting of the narrative voice may have been the right move technically. 
The only real problem here, and one that is easily forgivable, is that, after a while, it becomes apparent that in order to write good erotica one must avoid cliché and, if possible, hyperbole. With these limiting factors in place, there are only so many ways that you can describe an erection through the eyes of a foe-Geisha giving sexual pleasures to her male clients through some nero-stimulant paints, without it becoming repetitive. M. Christian does remarkably well however in grounding his stories in strong characters, and because of this, this problem fails to blossom into any kind of real issue. It would be apt to call M. Christian’s descriptions here minimalism on the page, and the story benefits from this greatly. 
On the whole, this is a story about love, betrayal, fidelity and an exploration of the dark desires that we all have, things that are seemingly inexplicable to our waking selves, but fundamental to our being. Once again, M. Christian exposes the underbelly of his characters and shows us truths that are rarely found in this genre in which he writes so well. This is a masterful piece of work, and recommended.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

BDSM Book Reviews Likes Bound For Love edited by Sascha Illyvich

Check it out: a very nice - and very flattering review - of Bound For Love edited by Sascha Illyvich by the great folks at BDSM Reviews:

Story Rating: 4 out of 5 paddles 
Sting Factor (kink): 4.5 out of 5 
This anthology is full of many erotic stories all revolving around some kind of BDSM. The stories range from the tame to those with very strong BDSM content. Each of these stories takes you on an emotional ride. Every author does a good job of bringing their worlds and characters to life and kept me interested all the way through to the end of every story. 
FANTASY UNBOUND by GIANNA SIMONE brings to coworkers together. Emily and Devon have harbored feelings for each other for some time now but have always hidden them away, thinking that they would never be reciprocated. I think that this was the most romantic story from this anthology. It was wonderful to see Devon and Emily begin their tentative relationship. Due to circumstances out of their control the two are finally able to admit and act on their feelings. The two make a wonderful couple and seeing the love and trust between them was a great read. 
MORE by PM White gives us a story of a mans awakening. During a visit to a poetry slam John Sellers finds himself having a new adventure with a woman named Lela. She shows him just how he inspires her and continues to be her muse through out the competition. This was an interesting story. Watching John find himself was a good read and in the end we find ourselves wondering just where he will go from here. 
TIE ME UP AND SPANKME by Marianne LaCroix shows us Mistress Helen and her sub. He enjoys many things that others are not aware of and she is more than willing to accommodate him. Mistress Helen knows just what he needs and wants and gives it to him. This story shows the love between these two and makes for a nice read. Seeing the emotions that both Mistress Helen and her sub show us was a nice read. 
FAITHFUL by Clarice Clique brings us the story of Faith. As we begin the story she is one of two subs staying with her Dom. He is a strong Dom who pushes many of the women’s buttons and some may find the debasing of the women offending. Faith loves her Dom and wants more from him. She must find herself first before he will agree. The emotional struggle that Faith goes through makes for an engaging read. The love between the two is evident and shows in all that they do. 
THE COUNTESS by Oceania Monroe was an intriguing story based around a foot fetish. This story was not something I generally read about but it still kept my attention. It was an interesting read that had me waiting to see just what would happen next between the Countess and the agents. 
HEREAFTER BRIDLED by Cèsar Sanchez Zapata gives us the story of Weston. He has never found what he did so long ago on a strange night out. That is until the one day when Veronica walks back into his life. The love that these two have for each other is strong and lasts even the years that they are apart. She is a strong Mistress and Wesson longs for her and what she can do. Seeing the fire between these two made for a hot read. 
POSSESSED by Sascha Illyvich is Valerie’s story.She comes to Ronan’s house to receive her punishment for not being able to do as he asked. Valerie wants to belong to Ronan, she wants to be his slave and is more than ready to do anything he wants and is more than willing to share him with his other woman. Seeing the trust Valerie has for Ronan made for an engaging read. 
TAKEN FOR A RIDE by Marge T Felcher gives us Bryony and her adventure. We are treated to her feelings and her inner thoughts throughout her adventure in pleasing her Dom as she is put into a special device to be the entertainment of the night. This author does a great job of bringing Bryony and her feelings to life. Both her physical and mental feelings are shown in this story. Making for an enjoyable read. 
RAZOR by Margie Church and K. B. Cutter shows us that an alpha male can learn to show his softer side to his wife and her best friend. He loves his wife and is more than willing to try and give her what she needs and if that means submitting to her best friend than that is what he will do. Seeing the love shine between Amy and Bryce was nice and seeing what he is willing to do to please his wife and make things work was a nice read. 
BONDAGE OF THEHEART by Genevieve Ash gives us the story of Cara and Philip. Theirs is a strange relationship. Cara allows Philip to enjoy others and wants to hear about his exploits and decides she no longer wants only to hear but now wants to see. The tide is turned on Cara when she goes to Philip’s house and hides in his closet to watch. Seeing the love and understanding between Cara and Philip made for an engaging read. 
All of these stories give the reader a look into a different world. They show us that this world is not just full of pain but filled with love and understanding. The trust and attraction is strong between all of the characters in these stories. I enjoyed my visit to each author’s world and will be sure to look for more from many of these authors in this anthology. 
Reviewed by Gabrielle

Monday, August 6, 2012

Sarah Bella's Giveaway!

Guess what?!? It’s my birthday month! I’m celebrating over at And do you know what that means? Presents! But not for me - for you! Anytime during the month of August purchase a copy of my debut novel, Delilah’s Passion. Submit your receipt to me and you’ll receive a FREE PDF copy of Delilah’s Passion for Cooking – ten of Delilah and Aiden’s favorite recipes.
PLUS! The 19th (my birthday is the 19th) receipt will also get a $10 gift card to your choice of Amazon, Barnes and Noble or All Romance eBooks.
AND! The 32nd (I’m turning 32 this year) receipt will also get a $10 gift card to your choice of Amazon, Barnes and Noble or All Romance eBooks.
Every 19th and 32nd receipt submitted will get the gift card in addition to the PDF.
So, copy/paste, scan, upload, I don't care. Send a copy of your purchase, dated within the month of August 2012 to and I'll send you a copy of Delilah's Passion for Cooking.
Spread the word and share the love!
Need more convincing?  Read an excerpt:

The next time Delilah awoke, she knew immediately that she was in the garage apartment in Fawn Lake. The first thing she decided was that she needed to buy some blackout curtains to hang over the blinds in her bedroom. The second was that Mojo needed to stop sleeping on top of her chest. She yawned and stretched, booting Mojo out of bed as she moved. The fat cat hit the ground with a thump and turned to glare at Delilah with baleful yellow eyes.
She rubbed her eyes, threw back the covers, and climbed out of bed. She hadn't packed her robe, she realized, but she wasn't going anywhere anytime soon, so her jammies would do for the time being. Lumbering her way into the kitchen, Delilah prayed that the coffee fairy had delivered a fresh pot of coffee.
Unfortunately, what she found in the kitchen was less fairy, more scary. Someone was crouched down, rifling through the pantry, sliding around her measly provisions. It was male, she could tell that much by the build, but the heavy hooded sweatshirt made it difficult to tell anything else. She stifled a squeak and looked around for a weapon. The only thing she could find readily available was the plunger she found in the bathroom.
Delilah lifted it up, resting it on her shoulder in a lazy batter's stance. Thankful for her quiet-soled slippers, she crept closer to the intruder, hefted the plunger up off her shoulder, and swung it with all her might. The rubber part caught the man directly in the temple. She drew back and swung again even as he started yelling.
"Stop!" he spun around and covering his head instinctively with his arms. "It's me! It's Aiden." Delilah froze the plunger in mid-swing.
Aiden peered between his widespread fingers.
"What the hell, woman? I bring you breakfast and you assault me?" It wasn't until then that Delilah noticed the assortment of things on the counter – bagels, cream cheese, something orange that smelled suspiciously fishy and two Styrofoam cups filled with what was presumably coffee.
"You snuck into my apartment at the crack of dawn!"
"It's 11:30! I thought you'd have been up for a while!" Aiden defended himself, still half-crouched and ready to block another blow. "I wanted to let you know I have a spare key to the apartment if you ever lock yourself out. When I rent the place to college kids, I leave it in the barn." He held up his hand to show her the key ring with a single key dangling from it.
"You could have knocked," she flung an arm toward the door. "I could have been showering."
"No, I knew you weren't. You can hear the pipes running from outside. If you were showering, I was going to leave a note on the door." He ducked his head sheepishly and not-so-subtly adjusted himself in his jeans. "But, since you were clearly just sleeping, I thought I'd get breakfast ready and then wake you up. I know you said you had lots to accomplish today, and I figured you'd appreciate the help."
"What if I slept in the nude?" She was still grumpy.
"Actually," he laughed," I was kind of hoping for that."
"Aah!" she groaned. "Get out, you! I told you last night that I'm not looking for anyone right now."
"See, that's where you've got the situation confused,” his eyes lit up. "You don't have to look for me. I'm right here. I won't even make you work for it."

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Harrow Loves Very Bloody Marys

Here's a very nice review of M.Christian's queer vampire novel, The Very Bloody Marys, by Dru Pagliassotti on The Harrow site:

Le Conseil Carmin is concerned. People are being killed on the streets of San Francisco by a gang of Vespa-riding vampires called The Bloody Marys, and the hard-assed cop the conseil had expected to investigate the crimes, Pogue, isn't answering his doorbell. 
Which means the investigation must fall to Pogue's screwup of a deputy — the insecure, disrespected, nervously chattering vampire Valentino, who's painfully aware that he's in over his head and only hopes he can keep treading water until his boss returns. 
Until a faery kills Julian, his one true love.  
Suddenly, Valentino's out for vengeance. 
Zombie taxi drivers, golems of Abraham Lincoln, a four-star restaurant in the city morgue, vampires, warlocks, fairies, ghouls, and angelic apparitions: they're all denizens of The Castro's other night-life, and Valentino must bluster his way through them as he hunts for a murderous faery, his missing dickwad of a commanding officer, and — of course — the pretty and ruthless Very Bloody Marys. 
M. Christian has created a character with an unforgettable, if unceasing, narrative voice, an amusing and cliche-busting antidote to the overpopulated literary ranks of hardboiled vampire detectives. The world of Le Conseil Carmin, where vampires literally work for Blood Money and protect humanity from creatures much worse than themselves, is well-wrought; the plot twists, although initially baffling, all get satisfactorily straightened out; and Valentino, a less-than-enthusiastic member of Le Corps Policier Contre, has a self-conscious charm that will appeal to a broad spectrum of readers.
Fresh, quirky, and irreverent, The Very Blood Marys is a vampire novel for readers who've become bored with vampires.