Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Ways to jog the imagination process - Elizabeth Kolodziej

 I hate when people tell me to step back from the piece I’m working on or do something else. Yes, I know these work most of the time, but I just get sick of the same response. So, let’s think up some new ways to get that imagination going!

Driving – especially long distance. When going to book signings or conferences I put in a new playlist and listen to the CD over and over again. Because I pick songs that are new and meant to inspire. I am so lucky I drive alone. It might drive a passenger crazy!

Watch a movie – yeah, sounds mind numbing. However, I swear to the goddess, I could not think up a synopsis for one of my stories. I put Push in and ten minutes in it just hit me! That has been my “lucky” movie for writers block ever since. I think I’ve seen it over a hundred times. That doesn’t say much for me though…. <wink>

Sleep – why doesn’t anyone ever mention this? I have actually gotten some of my best ideas for a book in my dreams. So cram a pill or drink a bottle of whatever and hit the hay! Or bed. I prefer coffin… <grin>

Have sex – lmao. It works! I swear. Not only does it relieve stress, but it’s suppose to kick up your endorphins to make you happy and all that. Just make sure you try out a new move or position. If your not imaginative in the sack you’re not going to be imaginative on the type. I’m totally coining that phrase.

Basically what it comes down to is this: Lighten up. Ask my friends and they will tell you I am the bitchest most uptight PITA (pain in the ass) when I can’t write. So you are taking advice from an expert. Laugh, love and cry…or so they say. It’ll help to get your juices flowing.

<3’s and fangs,
Elizabeth J. Kolodziej

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  1. your a hoot...A have fun read- thank you.

  2. That was a fun read! I'll have to try some unblockers you've used! Thanks for an entertaining post!

  3. I too get some of my best ideas while driving. I drive 80minutes a day to and from work and "stew" over my books while listening to a cd. Actually I think I've gotten ideas using all of your ideas, "wicked grin".