Saturday, December 22, 2012

Praise for Mistress Kitty!

From Kevin Tipple - Peacock Blue:

"An unhealthy submissive is a useless submissive."

 A code that Mistress Kitty lives by in this interesting collection of stories penned by the author. According to the introduction, these stories were created by the author when she was submitting works to the list Males In slavery Stories. These did not fit the list. They are also not the usual thing where the Female Dominant "was a bitch, liked to beat her slaves, senselessly, etc." as the author puts it. This author wanted to do something different where romance plays a strong role and the couple is just a little bit kinky.
She certainly succeeded and the romance comes through loud and clear. As does the kinky and the entire project works. Space limitations preclude me going into great detail about each of the twelve stories. Each one has elements of romance as well as bondage including the use of a certain instrument named Allison, various other fetishes, and often are holiday or seasonal themed. 

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From Sensual Reviews -

MISTRESS KITTY is an intense voyage into the world of the Dominante female and her submissive man. The unwavering love between these two people is tested by their lifestyle on a daily basis. Even though some of the scenes made me cringe slightly, the ultimate outcome is the steadfast connection between the characters. Kitty is the sexy Dom, and commands her subbie with underlying tenderness and affection; while Trent is the eager sub, willing to do anything to please his woman, preferring her power over him, body and soul. In all, I recommend MISTRESS KITTY AND TRENT for fans of erotic romance, paired with lots and lots of spice and naughty BDSM play.

Reviewed by Marianne LaCroix for Sensual Romance.

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