Monday, December 31, 2012

Out Now: Bad Girl By Jason Walker

Here's a real treat for fans of well-written - and hotter-than-anything - erotica: a brand new book by the great Jason Walker: Bad Girl

Money and power had lost their charm for Rena. Her marriage was unfulfilling. Her life lacked excitement until he died. Rena knew it was wrong but didn’t or couldn’t stop. It took extreme circumstances for Rena Talbot to realize that it wasn’t the things around her that she needed to feel alive again; it was the hands of a strong confident man, a man who had been there all along. The price must be paid, but redemption can be found, if she is willing to give herself over to him.
Jason Walker was a professional broadcaster for nearly 25 years.
After the death of his wife in 2008 he finally acted on her advice and turned his attention to writing in a more serious way. Now he lives with his twenty one year old son in a quiet rural community and has devoted himself to making his wife’s desire for him come true, to write quality stories to entertain. Everyday is a learning experience and he hopes to get better with every word. This, just as everything he writes, stands dedicated to that most wonderful and perfect woman.

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