Saturday, November 10, 2012

Where do I get my ideas from? - Amber Rose Thompson

I had a reader ask this very question after reading my first book. In fact that was nearly the first thing he said; yes, I do have male readers which is very nice to know. I think everyone should enjoy erotica, smut, or romantica, whatever you want to call or label it as. We are all lustful creatures and how better to realize that than to have erotica with real male and female characters. If there is one goal that links all my books, it is the hope that the characters, whatever gender, gender presentation, sexual orientation, or gender identity, feel real and full-bodied to readers.

I can only truly answer for myself as a reader, but I know characters have to feel 3-D for me to get into a book. I must be able to see out of the character’s eyes, hear what they hear, and feel what they feel. If the characters don’t have the same dimensions that I possess in real life then I cannot suspend my disbelief and enter the world of the book from the first until the last page. I hope or suspect that my reader expect no less than I do. So for all you readers out there, of which I am one, ideas must breed sensual characters that pop off the page.

So where do the ideas come from? While I write pure fantasy, that doesn’t mean fantasy and the real world are all the different, both are context driven from the lives and realities spawned by the needs and wants of characters. Characters whether on the written page or the ones we bump into on the street as they step on our toes breathe idiosyncrasies. It is the oddities, the differences, that make us who we are, and characters in a book can be no different.

And so, my ideas grow out of getting away from the computer and going out into the world to watch. Watching people in different environments is where ideas get a spark and can then run rampant in my head to become a new novel plot or potential protagonist. Examples are boundless.

One evening as my wife picked me up from the ferry, she pointed to the eerie light hovering over Manhattan, the briny sea air, and how the boardwalk creaked. I looked at the scene from her eyes and the opening sequence of one of the novelettes that came primal Needs was born. I created a character that felt the way my wife seemed to and let the idea get legs until it became a werewolf erotic story with teeth and fangs like the night had.

Or the first time I went to a BDSM club in Manhattan. The experience was a whirlwind of sights and sounds that overwhelmed and enticed. Bingo, a scene in Tied to Passion gained infancy and developed into an encounter that forever changed the protagonist’s mind about sex. Then there is the day I went into a sex toy shop in the Village and watched two women look at floggers. one couldn’t stop blushing. Seeing the embarrassment in her eyes gave the impetus behind another section of Tied To Passion.

So where do my ideas come from? Life, the dirty, gristly life of the street and whispered blushes of lovers scurrying past me.

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