Tuesday, November 27, 2012

TEACHING HER MANNERS by Blake C. Aarens from SizzlerEditions Adult eBooks

Here's a wonderful new spot for a book that we, frankly, think is even more than wonderful: TEACHING HER MANNERS by Blake C. Aarens

"I went to the party specifically to find myself a new toy. Beel's Dungeon isn't just an interesting name for a bar. It's actually a working dungeon and they don't serve alcohol. When I got there at 9:30, the play space was still brightly lit. It'd be another 45 minutes before they dimmed the lights. The singles were doing that predatory roaming dance. I joined the line. Only a few couples were actually getting into anything interesting in the stalls. There was a lot of looking going on. This tall gal with an athlete's body kept gluing her eyes to mine and then looking away and giggling with her friends. I usually just play the game from a distance with that type, but I was in mood, ya know? So I went up to her and introduced myself. I watched her eyes get wide and her throat vibrate with a choked swallow. Her friends backed off so they could watch. She had a very short haircut, a sweet little baby doll mouth, and a thick, curvy body that made my mouth water. I held out my hand and she stared into it, then settled her palm lightly against mine. I wrapped my fingers around hers and headed for the stalls. She didn't try to pull away. I took that for a yes." -from the text. 

Blake C. Aarens has already shown how brilliantly she can write BDSM short fiction with her amazing WETTING THE APPETITE and with this, her second volume of short stories she shows that she can be ever better! 

"Stories so imaginative and playfully perverse as to shock even the most jaded, she shows her staggering ability to arouse, amaze, and astound." -M.Christian, author Dirty Words.

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