Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Rave Review for Jim Lyon's "Accidental Domme"

BDSM Book Reviews loves The Accidental Domme by Jim Lyon and give it a Sting Factor (kink) of  4.5 out of 5.


"Where would we be without our friends? Especially those wonderfully kinky ones that help us out with our fetish fantasies… Dave has a problem. He dreams of be locked in a chastity device, and he wants his lesbian friend Wendy to be the key holder. A little strange for a heterosexual man, knowing that she is not at all into being with him, but becoming a submissive is his secret fantasy.  Having himself pierced and fitted for the genital cage is a fetish he can’t resist. Wendy takes him for his piercing; leading to all sorts of fun and feisty consequences that will push Dave toward a life journey he has dreamed of but never hoped to experience.

 A personal trainer, Wendy is introduced to her first experience at a BDSM club and her first BDSM scene.  Events transpire that lead Wendy into a role that combines her love of personal training with her new found Domme abilities. What great combination it makes too!  When she is introduced to pony play, the story manifests into something that will captivate and titillate your inner kinkster.  Reading the pony play scenarios and the elaborate set up that author Jim Lyon set up was a page turner.  His descriptions were lovingly done and I could see everything in my mind’s eye. I found myself thinking of The Accidental Domme  long after I had to put the book down. There are two main storylines between Dave and Wendy and as they loop together and come apart (sometimes quite literally), another one is inserted (again, quite literally).  The kink factor was pretty well done and kept me reading when I found some of the story elements confusing.  I found myself wondering why an obviously heterosexual man would want his BFF, who is a lesbian to be his key holder. Another issue I had was the head hopping that continually happened throughout the book. There needed to be some definition in the change of POV and the addition of Lola’s character midway through the book without any indicator of who she was.  How she would relate to the story when Dave and Wendy had been the main characters was a little strange. I would have loved to see three story lines or have her as a peripheral in one of the others early on. Overall I found the story to be thought provoking and one I will read again. The pony play, genital cage, BDSM club, fem dom action and branding were well done and I look forward to reading more by this author. If you want to be entranced by a pony play fairytale, then give this book a try." -Reviewed by  Erzabet

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