Thursday, November 29, 2012

Excerpt - Jack's Christmas Wish by Bonni Sansom

See what coming home for the holidays means here at Sizzler Editions with Bonni Sansom's best seller, Jack's Christmas Wish!

See why reader J. L. Henrik would "snap this book up!"

Aside from being broke, stalked and groped by Santa, Lissa Monroe wondered what would happen to her next? She never expected it would be love at first sight. Times are hard for Lissa, with her mother’s illness and her own financial problems. She took a job as Santa’s sexy helper in a department store. Her ex-boyfriend Rex is stalking her and leaving dirty messages on her answering machine. She thinks she can handle him, but things turn deadly causing her to have an accident.

Being a widowed single father isn’t easy. Derek Baxter knows this first hand, but when your son wants a new mom for Christmas what are you to do? It’s not like you can go out and find one or is it? Jack thinks so when he meets Lissa as he sits atop Santa’s lap. Outwardly Derek is the polite, shy widower and devoted father to his son Jack. In truth Derek is a wolf in sheep's clothing. He harbors a naughty secret that would surprise his friends and neighbors. Derek is a BDSM-Dominant with a playroom hidden in his basement loaded with BDSM toys. Derek's not looking for a relationship; at least he doesn’t think he is until Lissa and Jack have an instant bond, causing Derek to wonder if maybe his son’s instincts have found him a new Wife.

Derek and Lissa embark on a whirlwind relationship which accelerates and leaves them both breathless. They both want the same thing—each other, but Lissa’s past hurts in the name of love hold her back. Derek is determined to break down her walls one way or another and win her heart. He determines she is the perfect submissive and uses it to his advantage, winning her over one sexual encounter at a time. She caves and agrees to marry him, making Jack and Derek happy that Jack got his Christmas wish.


"Take my coat, get in your car and follow me."
She sat up, pulled the jacket back on and went to get out, but stopped.  She turned to face him.  "This is just one night, right?  Like a Christmas fantasy." 
He nodded his head.  "I want more, but anything else would be too complicated, I think.  If you've changed your mind, let me know now."  He adjusted himself in the seat, trying to get comfortable with a hard-on if it were possible. 
"No.  I haven't changed my mind, but could we stay here a bit longer?  She scooted back over toward him. 
"Sure we can." Fuck, my nuts are gonna explode.  He put his arm back around her, pulling her close.  He wanted to pull her on top of him and have her ride him right here in his truck.  He was having a hard time fighting the Dominant inside of himself from taking control.  He had a feeling Lissa would make a perfect submissive.  He just didn't know if it would scare the shit out of her or not.  He guessed not when she started rubbing his cock through his jeans.
"I can't help myself.  I'm just so hot for you." She stroked his entire length up and down.
"Shh, just let me do this for you." She kept stroking him. 
He couldn't handle her sensual touches any longer.  He tossed his head back on the seat and let himself go under her hand.  His balls drew up and a tingle ran up his spine, and he came with an intensity he hadn't quite felt before.  It hasn't even been five minutes.  She's gonna think I can't last but a second.  He almost pushed her away out of shame.  He just came in his jeans, for christsakes.  He turned away from her. 
"I'm sorry.  Did I do something wrong?" She put her hand on his shoulder.
He shrugged it off, and said, "I think we can call it a night." Damn he wanted to be with her.  He couldn't just let her go, but the embarrassment was killing him.  He finally turned to her.
"I'm so sorry if I didn't do it right." Here he'd been upset about premature ejaculation and she thought it was something she did wrong. 
"No, sweetheart, you did everything just fine.  I'm sorry I overreacted.  Look, I know this was supposed to be a one night thing, but I really want to see you again." Fuck, complicated. 
"You do?  I really wanted to see you again too.  Maybe we could date a little before we do this again." She rested her hand on his knee.
He grinned at her.  "I think that would be a good idea.  I really enjoyed that though." He palmed her face in his hand and rubbed her bottom lip with his thumb. 
"I'm glad you enjoyed it.  I did too." She kissed his thumb.
"Alright, now you need to stop that or we'll end up doing more than that in just a few minutes.  That will be your only warning." The Dom in him began to take over.  He couldn't keep it from her.  She had to understand what she was getting herself into.  His woman would have to be a sub no matter what.  He couldn't be with anyone who wasn't.  She would have to want to live the lifestyle every day.
"Maybe me, you and Jack could go out together.  That way we would be sure to behave."
"You did promise him an ice cream date.  But let me warn you, he might ask some really embarrassing questions." God, he hoped Jack would keep his little mouth shut about how the French people kiss.
"You're right, I did.  When do you want to do this?" She was practically hopping up and down like an excited child. 
"Calm down, or not, I like the way your breasts bounce when you do that."
She stopped.
"You better behave.  You already gave me a warning, so now I'm giving you one."
"Ooh, I like the feisty side of you." He imagined spanking her ass for mouthing off.  He would enjoy the hell out of turning her pretty little ass pink.
"You'd be surprised at just how feisty I can be." 
He immediately thought of a pissed off kitten.  He could hardly wait to get her in his playroom.  His bondage table would work really nicely for her.  "You know, Kitten; I really want to take you over my knee right now and spank that ass." He thought she might show some fear.
Her eyes dilated. 

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