Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Review: 'Enslaving eli' by Billierosie By Patrick Whitehurst

'Enslaving Eli' by Billierosie
Billierosie has done it again.

The accomplished UK author's latest erotic tale, full of explicit sexual tension, is just the thing for those who seek to explore the world of BDSM – an acronym meaning bondage and discipline, sadism and masochism, dominance and submission, in a mixed-bag kind of way.

In “Enslaving Eli,” that raunchy world of depravity is explored in loving detail.

Unlike so many BDSM novels, Enslaving Eli takes the point of view of a male submissive, Eli, after he falls for the wrong (or right?) girl. Jasmine shares her wild secret life with the eager young man, introducing him to The Coterie, an ancient, secret organization dedicated to full male domination. Can Eli escape their clutches? Or will his addiction to relinquish control overwhelm all else?

If you love BDSM, this is one for you.

Billierosie's short works have appeared in numerous anthologies, including "The Love That Never Dies:Erotic Encounters with the Undead," the Sherlockian erotica book "My Love of all That is Bizarre: The Erotic Adventures of SherlockHolmes" and many others. Her first collection of wonderfully smutty BDSM stories, Fetish Worship, raised the bar for quality erotic fiction.

This year she's hit her stride, releasing not only the captivating Enslaving Eli, but one other novella as well.

In June, Billierosie regaled readers with the meaty tale Memoirs of a Sex Slave: Confessions of a Submissive Woman, which tells the story of Elektra, recently consigned to live her final days at the Ravens' House for the elderly, and her strange life with Mark, her larger-than-life dominant. Elektra's love and sordid public encounters convey the woman's absolute affection for the older man in a manner only the most talented of authors can achieve – and Billierosie definitely knows her stuff.

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- by Patrick Whitehurst

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