Monday, October 22, 2012

Out Now: Spanked! 15 Tingling Tales By R. Greco

Okay, we may just be a tad biased - as R. Greco is not just an incredible writer but also one of the most fantastic people we know - but we really thin that his brand new book, dedicated to the (ahem) 'gentle' art of spanking, is one of his very best: Spanked! 15 Tingling Tales By R. Greco 

New masterwork of bdsm from the author of Bad Girls who Deserve to be Punished and the "Master's Little..." series. Here are women and men who need a good hiding, but even more want one! So bend over and prepare to get Spanked! Whether it's a quick passing swat across the jean covered rump of a lover or an session with your mate against the wall smacking them with a belt, if you like spanking--delivering or receiving--then this delicious collection is for you. As the author says, "I hope these short pieces raise a rushing blush across your various cheeks and that they scratch an itch but mainly, as always, I just hope what I have written here entertains you." If you like your - SPANK! - BDSM stories with a certain - SPANK! - and very special kind of - SPANK! - impact then this brand new - SPANK! - collection of steamy stories by our resident master - SPANK!- of ... well, SPANKING!

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