Monday, October 29, 2012

Out Now: Slave Of Fortune By Jay Lawrence

We here at Sizzler Editions truly adore the work of Jay Lawrence - and we know you like every book that comes out from the great Jay ... and this, a new treasure, shows just how good Jay Lawrence can be: Slave Of Fortune

Lily, a Victorian housemaid, has a dark secret. She has escaped from a brothel where she was kept as a “special” girl, one who would do almost anything to pleasure a client, even submit to a savage thrashing. A terrifying session with a mysterious sadist forces Lily to exchange the pleasures of the flesh for the strict confines of Akenhead Hall. However, domestic servitude holds its own horrors. Seduced by a house guest, caned by the cruel butler and wrongly accused of theft, Lily runs away again. Soon, the lusty bisexual vixen begins a new life full of strange erotic adventures, including bare bottom spanking, tight-lacing and a lesbian affair with Sophie, a beautiful buxom blonde. But who is watching Lily? Is her life in danger? A thrilling chase through the squalid streets of Victorian London.No one can write steamy BDSM erotica like Jay Lawrence and in this book, Jay proves how good it can be! "5 Stars - First rate, of a literary standard not often encountered within the erotica genre!"

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