Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Out Now: Plus Size Signe - A Big Bold Novel of Romance and Domination By M. J. Rennie

M. J. Rennie is one if our brightest stars in our erotic universe, and this - the re-release of a brand new version of his classic erotic domination books - a real cause for celebration: Plus Size Signe - A Big Bold Novel of Romance and Domination By M. J. Rennie ''

A Big, Bold Tale of Female Domination! Signe is a lot of woman for a lot of man in M. J. Rennie's finely crafted bdsm fiction. Here, in a newly revised edition with a personal introduction from the author, is an elegant erotic novel celebrating assertive, independent, physically large, and beautiful red-haired women of passion. It chronicles the intense affairs of big, bisexual, curvaceous, crimson-haired Signe. Along with her best friend Jan, Signe discovers that in affairs of the heart, size matters less than desire, and that real beauty takes many forms. Intelligent, energetic, and warm-hearted, Signe searches fruitlessly through the straight, gay, and leather worlds for a lover until she meets Daniel, a young writer of soaring ambition. Unlike the other insipid men she comes across, Daniel isn't put off by the fact that Signe outweighs him by 50 pounds--even better, he is as kinky as she is. Alas, even true love sometimes goes awry. Following a quarrel, Daniel leaves town to pursue his art and Signe is left sadly, desperately alone. Then in a dramatic, final twist, Daniel finally returns many years later. When the former lovers reunite, will old wounds come between them or will sparks start to fly once more? One Amazon reviewer said M. J. Rennie's stories are "haunting and well-written, chronicling the relationship between an eager, submissive man and a dominant, sophisticated woman."

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