Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Out Now: Playing For Keeps: An Erotic Romance Of Bondage And More By M. J. Rennie

M. J. Rennie is simply one of our favorite authors - and Sizzler is extremely happy to be able to announce the publication of a brand new edition of one of his classics: Playing For Keeps - An Erotic Romance Of Bondage And More By M. J. Rennie  

A masterful novel of female domination! He Entered to a World of  Male Submission, and Found Everything He was Looking For! It is the 1970s, a time of free-wheeling sex before the era of AIDS. There are so many beautiful young women and only one 26 year-old Patrick Compton. Clothing hits the floor thick and fast as the young people in Patrick’s circle frantically seek connection, with uninhibited sex supplying the currency of the moment. Frank and uncensored, this powerful etails the thoughts young men often have but rarely find expression in literature, revealing the authentic attitudes of the male gender in its youth, a species which naturally resists feminine domestication. But when Patrick is disappointed in love again and again and becomes ready to accept the possibility that no woman may be right for him, he meets the lovely, unpredictable, and oh-so dominant Megan Bauer, who introduces him to a world of  male submission where Patrick finds everything he has been looking for.  M. J. Rennie entertains readers with a triumphant answer to an age-old and universal question: Which counts for more: Love or sex? Revised text with new introduction by the author.

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