Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Out Now: Not Always As It Seems By Jason Walker

Here's a treat for fans of male dom BDSM a marvelous new book by our up-and-coming star: Jason Walker - Not Always As It Seems 

Alexandra Wilson had always been a good girl. When she met John she was taken by his looks, only later to be stunned by his lifestyle. It was a lifestyle that opened a challenging and exciting new world for Alexandra. But through it all she was sustained by the depth of her feelings for John. But Alexandria would be tested to the limit when dark secrets from his past emerged -- for any relationship is not always as it seems. Jason Walker returns with a brand new erotic masterwork: NOT ALWAYS AS IT SEEMS.  For you like BDSM fiction then this is the book you've been waiting for.  
Jason Walker was a professional broadcaster. After the death of his wife he finally acted on her advice and turned his attention to writing in a more serious way. Now he lives with his son in a quiet rural community and has devoted himself to making his wife’s desire that he write quality stories to entertain. Everyday is a learning experience and he hopes to get better with every word. This, just as everything he writes, stands dedicated to that most wonderful and perfect woman.

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