Monday, October 22, 2012

Out Now: Hot Pursuit By Sabrina Luna

Sabrina Luna is fast, fast, fast becoming a very popular and respected author of fantastic erotic romance with a BDSM twist - and her new book shows just how good she can be: Hot Pursuit By Sabrina Luna.

Driving back to her home town for her parent's anniversary, Cassie Meadows , speeds into through town. Suddenly a cop car pulls behind her in hot pursuit. To her humiliation, the man in blue is an Adonis in uniform, her ex-boyfriend, Steve Tanner. Steve is still in love with Cassie and wants a chance to explain why he broke her heart years ago. Cassie also is attracted to Steve. She may not be ready to forgive him; but she can't quite say"no" either. So, Steve  sets out in a hot pursuit of Cassie neither of them will ever never forget! A sizzling romance from the best-selling author of Full Moon Rising!

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