Monday, October 29, 2012

Out Now: From Demons, With Lust By Elizabeth J. Kolodziej

Here's a very special treat for fans of supernatural BDSM rotica: a brand new book by the always-great Elizabeth J. Kolodziej: From Demons, With Lust

From demons with bondage - and lust. Sultras is a demon with an ego the size of China and Kasidy is a half breed that is as trusting as a rabbit meeting a snake. However, Kasidy’s father Malachi needs her to be protected now that Lamastu as been released from her four-hundred year imprisonment. With the promise of a Mass of minions to rule over, Sultras is more than willing to play babysitter for the half breed daughter of a demon like Malachi. But it isn’t long before Sultras’ patience is tested along with his ability to not fall in lust. Kasidy isn’t the crying infant he thought he would have to deal with, however Kasidy’s interest in Sultras falls short of his expectations. Can he break through her rough exterior? Will Lamastu make good on her promise to kill the daughter of Malachi? You’ll have to read this story to find out all the lust-filled details. 
MORE ABOUT THIS BOOK:• "A sexy paranormal read that will change your mind about demons and their abilities! Not being a reader of paranormal, Liz kept me turning pages to find out how her two main characters would come together, in more ways than one!" Tonya Kinzer, Author of The Boss's Pet Series

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