Monday, October 1, 2012

Frolica! #1: First in a new line of digital graphic novels and comic book

The first issue of our ebook reprinting of Steve Adam's hit internet bdsm comic, Frolica!, is out and can be purchased at Amazon and B&N. There are plenty of laughs in this modern Candide that makes affectionate fun of masters and slaves - and everyone else. Here are some of the Characters you will meet: 


Master Zinger: Calm and domineering, masterful in all situations… that’s his story, anyway.  Master Zinger is a legend in his own mind. From “masterminding” the operation of Frollie’s Follies (Frolica’s thriving “novelty” (wink, wink) company) to laying down the law in their own household, Zinger always strives to live up to his title, with all honors and benefits pertaining thereto! He’s unshakably convinced that he’s Frolica’s natural Master… yet somehow or other his collar has yet to clasp her lovely but elusive neck…

Old Dog:: He’s their frisky pet and devoted companion. He’s clumsy. He’s mischievous. But he’s got his perceptive side too, and at times he’s a trifle more clever than his human friends expect! Old Dog may or may not be old, but he’s got a lot of puppy in him, and he’s devoted to Frolica! (But don't worry, there is no bestiality in Frolica!)

Frolica! The Fabulous First Issue!
Try it. Only $2.99
For Amazon/Kindle & B&N/Nook
An eMotion  GraphX Publication

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