Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Easiest or Hardest Thing About Character Development

When we open a book or fire up an eBook reader, we are letting down our boundaries. It might happen all at once or slowly, but for readers to truly like a book it has to mesh with them, become one with them. A part of the reader must identify or sympathize with the protagonist or a side character for the suspension of disbelief to be fully successful.

The world of the reader starts to vanish and be consumed by the setting and context of the book. The reader becomes the characters, sees through the characters, and perhaps even wants to kill one or two of them. Entering into a book is not so different from movies like Total Recall. The reader dissipates into the action and plot of the book and experiences it from within a character. This is why character development is difficult and the most essential aspect of a good erotic tale.

Real life people are filled with gristle. Thoughts, reactions, ideas don’t spring from one dimensional brains. Our brains drip the fat of years of experience that might culminate in one action, but all the baggage we’ve endured spurred on that one decision here and now. And as people, we never stop developing. Today’s results build new potential into our arsenal of how we’ll deal with tomorrow.

For erotic or any tales, characters must mimic this essence of layers of fat and meat that build up into a working brain capable of making decisions and reacting. It is easy to say I want my protagonist to be reticent about losing control during romantic or sexual interactions, but to make that reticence feel, look, smell, and be real the character must have a reason. It is this reason that makes character development difficult. Whether an erotic tale is a short story, or in my case, a book, the same back story must exist in my mind before I can even begin to write. Add onto this that my characters have to learn from page one all the way until the end, and it becomes clear why I spend more time on character development than any other aspect of writing.

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