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Review: 'Enslaving eli' by Billierosie By Patrick Whitehurst

'Enslaving Eli' by Billierosie
Billierosie has done it again.

The accomplished UK author's latest erotic tale, full of explicit sexual tension, is just the thing for those who seek to explore the world of BDSM – an acronym meaning bondage and discipline, sadism and masochism, dominance and submission, in a mixed-bag kind of way.

In “Enslaving Eli,” that raunchy world of depravity is explored in loving detail.

Unlike so many BDSM novels, Enslaving Eli takes the point of view of a male submissive, Eli, after he falls for the wrong (or right?) girl. Jasmine shares her wild secret life with the eager young man, introducing him to The Coterie, an ancient, secret organization dedicated to full male domination. Can Eli escape their clutches? Or will his addiction to relinquish control overwhelm all else?

If you love BDSM, this is one for you.

Billierosie's short works have appeared in numerous anthologies, including "The Love That Never Dies:Erotic Encounters with the Undead," the Sherlockian erotica book "My Love of all That is Bizarre: The Erotic Adventures of SherlockHolmes" and many others. Her first collection of wonderfully smutty BDSM stories, Fetish Worship, raised the bar for quality erotic fiction.

This year she's hit her stride, releasing not only the captivating Enslaving Eli, but one other novella as well.

In June, Billierosie regaled readers with the meaty tale Memoirs of a Sex Slave: Confessions of a Submissive Woman, which tells the story of Elektra, recently consigned to live her final days at the Ravens' House for the elderly, and her strange life with Mark, her larger-than-life dominant. Elektra's love and sordid public encounters convey the woman's absolute affection for the older man in a manner only the most talented of authors can achieve – and Billierosie definitely knows her stuff.

See more from Sizzler Editions here.

- by Patrick Whitehurst

Monday, October 29, 2012

Excerpt From Inviting Trouble - BDSM Romance By Olivia London

Here's a real treat: an except from Olivia London's fantastic new collection (out now from Sizzler Editions): Inviting Trouble - Romantic Bondage

A small handful of people form a braided ronde of bondage, submission and romance in this short novel. You'll meet Lana, who needed bondage to distract her from painful childhood memories; Ellen, who who wanted to buy something her boyfriend could use bind her wrists; Edmond, who smiled when his wife was five minutes late, because he knew what he would do to he vulnerable, naked torso; and others for whom the spice of life included a dash or two of bondage.

Excerpt from "Afternoon Tryst"

When Mal brought her to orgasm, she consumed Casey’s penis, letting it ride an oral carousel as her tongue skipped and played up and down his vibrant shaft.

Casey pulled out of her mouth gingerly, stroking his own cock until he came with an expansive groan, his semen so hot and copious, Lana’s chest could have doubled as a griddle.

The host used his undershirt to pat her chest free of his signature.

Meanwhile, there was Mal, waiting his turn. He had left his shirt on but he was naked from the waist down. He took her face in his hands, and kissed her flush on the mouth. He kissed her deep and hauntingly, saying with his tongue what he wouldn’t say with his lips: he expected the better blow job.


She offered him her wrists to be bound and he secured them with the manacles.  He grabbed the pillows off the bed and tossed them at her feet.

“Now, I want you to inhale my cock like it’s the only thing in the world that can satisfy you. Give me something Promethean.”

And she did. She kissed and coddled the tip of his penis before listing into a primal sucking position. Malachy gently held the back of her head as she opened herself up to him completely, holding nothing back. Her loins trembled from the ferocity of her mission and moisture from her mound ran unchecked, creating trails of dew down her inner thighs...

Out Now: Big Blonde By Joan Bludis

Steamy, steamy, steamy - and even more steamy: Joan Bludis is a true master of erotic noir and the Big Blonde is a true masterpiece of the genre!

A noire mystery with a dash of sex that is guaranteed to satisfy your needs for a great read! Casey Sturm once danced around poles and she thought she was out of the life forever when she got her PI license. But when a bar owner who kept her off the streets as a teen is implicated in the murder of a young dancer, she is drawn back to the last place she wanted to go. She gets involved with an old lover, a skirt-chasing attorney, and a handsome police detective. Another dancer is murdered and Casey hits the stage to trap a killer and it nearly costs her life.

Out Now: Slave Of Fortune By Jay Lawrence

We here at Sizzler Editions truly adore the work of Jay Lawrence - and we know you like every book that comes out from the great Jay ... and this, a new treasure, shows just how good Jay Lawrence can be: Slave Of Fortune

Lily, a Victorian housemaid, has a dark secret. She has escaped from a brothel where she was kept as a “special” girl, one who would do almost anything to pleasure a client, even submit to a savage thrashing. A terrifying session with a mysterious sadist forces Lily to exchange the pleasures of the flesh for the strict confines of Akenhead Hall. However, domestic servitude holds its own horrors. Seduced by a house guest, caned by the cruel butler and wrongly accused of theft, Lily runs away again. Soon, the lusty bisexual vixen begins a new life full of strange erotic adventures, including bare bottom spanking, tight-lacing and a lesbian affair with Sophie, a beautiful buxom blonde. But who is watching Lily? Is her life in danger? A thrilling chase through the squalid streets of Victorian London.No one can write steamy BDSM erotica like Jay Lawrence and in this book, Jay proves how good it can be! "5 Stars - First rate, of a literary standard not often encountered within the erotica genre!"

Out Now: The Taming School By Sonni De Soto

If you like your BDSM erotica with a touch of ... education then this new, and extremely steamy, book by the great Sonni De Soto is the book for you: The Taming School 

"SAF 25 Sub Virgin" - That was all Kat Valdez had written in her online ad. Tired of feeling like a spinster waiting to shed this staining status, Kat had logged onto a BDSM forum to look for a way to lose her virginity. Peter Richards, moderator of the forum and firm believer in safe, sane, consensual kink found Kat's post inappropriate, unwise, and na├»ve. But after meeting with her, he found himself captivated by Kat, seeing the strength within her innocence.  Peter takes on Kat’s challenge to teach her everything he knows about kink, determined to be the man who leads her through the experience. Peter tests Kat’s limits and makes her examine the difference between sensuality and straight-up sex, between weakness and submission, between innocence and virginity. Before he takes it, he will teach her to understand and love the full breadth of her virginity. Kat never thought that her first taste of pleasure could be so good. Never imagined that by submitting to Peter’s demands, her own desires—unknown and unexplored—would be fulfilled. But, the more they explore and play together, Peter discovers something different—something special—stirring within himself. As he touches Kat in every possible way he can, her indomitable spirit touches back, and he finds himself weak in the face of the temptation she presents. And, for the first time in his life, Peter realizes that this time he wants to play for keeps.

Out Now: From Demons, With Lust By Elizabeth J. Kolodziej

Here's a very special treat for fans of supernatural BDSM rotica: a brand new book by the always-great Elizabeth J. Kolodziej: From Demons, With Lust

From demons with bondage - and lust. Sultras is a demon with an ego the size of China and Kasidy is a half breed that is as trusting as a rabbit meeting a snake. However, Kasidy’s father Malachi needs her to be protected now that Lamastu as been released from her four-hundred year imprisonment. With the promise of a Mass of minions to rule over, Sultras is more than willing to play babysitter for the half breed daughter of a demon like Malachi. But it isn’t long before Sultras’ patience is tested along with his ability to not fall in lust. Kasidy isn’t the crying infant he thought he would have to deal with, however Kasidy’s interest in Sultras falls short of his expectations. Can he break through her rough exterior? Will Lamastu make good on her promise to kill the daughter of Malachi? You’ll have to read this story to find out all the lust-filled details. 
MORE ABOUT THIS BOOK:• "A sexy paranormal read that will change your mind about demons and their abilities! Not being a reader of paranormal, Liz kept me turning pages to find out how her two main characters would come together, in more ways than one!" Tonya Kinzer, Author of The Boss's Pet Series

Editor Chat - Sascha Illyvich

Today's post focuses on co-editor Sascha Illyvich, one of the creators of the Intoxication line, Sizzler's newest line of books focusing on erotic romance.  He's here to tell us about the line, why it was created and give us some insight into the mind of an editor.

Sizzler Blog:  How did you get started editing?
Sascha Illyvich:  Interestingly enough my background in editing was something I picked up doing the odd job for Jean Marie several years back.  The more I did for her and the more I did in the genre of writing romance, pushing out more releases each year, gave me an edge in this area of expertise.

SB:  How did the Intoxication line come about?  What were your thoughts in bringing this to a seemingly erotica only publisher?
Sascha Illyvich:  Basically I took a look at our books, at the market, watching it change and grow.  The Intoxication line is a line that fits well with this house because hey, we've got some authors who write romance.  Myself included.  Talking to the publisher about it seemed only natural once we started seeing statistics claiming that romance was the largest selling genre in fiction.  The genre dominates everything else COMBINED.  So it was a natural and for me, it was a way to give back to both the house that's supported me for so long, and to give back to new authors and old ones as a way to pay it forward.

SB: Your style of editing is...interesting to say the least.  Why?
SI:  You're referring to the fact that sometimes I'll ask an author to "unfuck" something, right?  Fact is, my mentor didn't pull any punches with me when I was starting out.  She'd told me right from the get go that she loved the premise of Her Male Slave, enjoyed the characters but I had some craft issues and she was blunt about it.  Depending on the author in question, they're going to get my professionalism, 100% of the time.  But I'm not going to mince words or hold their hand.  Nobody held mine and that's the way this industry works, sadly.  But the ass kicking they get from me will make them stronger.  If they give me a second book and are ready to take the flack from me, great.  They've got a good chance at succeeding in this business and that's all I truly want for each author that comes across my desk.  Some authors I don't play with as much because I either haven't gauged their personality yet or I'm not sure they'd understand exactly what I meant.  In those cases, I err on the side of caution and extreme professionalism.  

SB: How is it working with M. Christian?  I've heard great things about him.
SI:  That guy?  He's locked in my basement...

SB:  Umm, question.  When you see a book with potential but the writing is just mediocre, what do you tell the author?
SI:  Just that.  Not in those words of course, because that does little to help the author.  I usually tell them that after reading the first few paragraphs I've spotted what the trouble areas are and how they can improve them.  I have a few resources bookmarked that I send all prospective and current authors when they run into problems that will hinder a book's progress, or mine as an editor.  

SB: What is the Intoxication line about?
SI:  The Intoxication line is my take on somewhere between Harlequin's hottest and our competition's hottest.  I want stories with heat, heart and that timeless HEA.  The Intoxication line stories should sweep you away, grab your heart and genitals and involve you in the entire story from start to finish so that you're rooting for the Hero and Heroine to finally get their shit together by the end of the book.  

SB:  How do you deal with difficult authors?
SI:  I don't. 

SB: What do you like about this job?
SI: Honestly, the fact that a: my authors are MY authors and I had a hand in helping their career.  That makes me feel good.  The other bene of this job is that for the most part, I'm working with a group of authors who learn from each round of edits.  Amber Rose Thompson's first book with us was pretty clean considering, but after the round of edits Thompson went through, Amber learned more about the process and the next story had a new set of issues to deal with, while the old ones were mostly gone.  That's an author that grows.  

SB: What has this gig taught you about the industry?
SB: It's given me a greater insight into marketing aspects, cost effective promotions and how the acquisition process works.  I've applied these lessons to my own writing career and thrown them back at my stable of authors for them to utilize.

SB:  You've had some hit anthologies come out in erotic romance lately.  What was the thinking like when you came up with these ideas?
SI:  Well our market primarily does a great deal of bondage so I wanted to work in the romance aspect for our longtime loyal readers, but I wanted to expand into erotic romance as that's where my heart (and from what I've read, the money) is.  Our first anthology, Riding the Rocket , came out some time back and did well in the reviews.  I brought a lot of new talent to light from that alone, but the next one we did, I took a step back and said "You know, as a romance reader, the thing I always pick up are those little four author collections.  Not a lot of money in those, but I'm not interested in that for once.  I'm interested in giving the reader their biggest bang for their buck and for not stacking an anthology with two solid authors, a great name, and a newbie.  The authors in my anthologies deserve to be published, at least those stories anyway.  And they've all worked hard to promote the books.  I may see about a theme anthology for Sizzler that deals more with our primary crowd while trying to attract new readers.

SB: Last question for now:  Any advice to new authors who want to submit to you?
SI:  Such...delicate phrasing LOL!  Read the guidelines, talk to me, talk to other romance readers.  Write the story you want to write, send it in and give us a shot. 

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Steve Williams Likes Me2

Here's a very nice review of M.Christian's queer horror/thriller novel, Me2 (which is part of the new M.Christian ManLove Collection) by Steve Wlliams:

Think fusing a psychological thriller with an indelible horror story and whipping it up with ‘Starbucks’ style foam of vacuous, store bought normalcy and you have M. Christian’s startlingly clever novel ‘Me 2’. 
The pace of the narrative could threaten leave you breathless as M. Christian floods the page, again and again, with witty observations of today’s carbon copy world, whilst always keeping the story grounded in a reality that is as morbidly real as it is fantastically uncomfortable. There are times when the book threatens to flounder, but M. Christian is a writer capable of keeping on the right side of a flagging plot, and has crafted a story where the gimmick is the real irony: all across the land, as far as your Giorgio Armani shades can let you see, there will be person after person, perfectly alike in almost every way, reading ‘Me 2’ and deservedly so. 
An absolute high point on my literary calendar.

Steve Williams Live's M.Christian's Me2

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Crazy For You by Sabrina Luna from SizzlerEditions eBooks

Here's a great new spot we just put up for Sabrina Luna's excellent Crazy For You!

Out Now: Spanked! 15 Tingling Tales By R. Greco

Okay, we may just be a tad biased - as R. Greco is not just an incredible writer but also one of the most fantastic people we know - but we really thin that his brand new book, dedicated to the (ahem) 'gentle' art of spanking, is one of his very best: Spanked! 15 Tingling Tales By R. Greco 

New masterwork of bdsm from the author of Bad Girls who Deserve to be Punished and the "Master's Little..." series. Here are women and men who need a good hiding, but even more want one! So bend over and prepare to get Spanked! Whether it's a quick passing swat across the jean covered rump of a lover or an session with your mate against the wall smacking them with a belt, if you like spanking--delivering or receiving--then this delicious collection is for you. As the author says, "I hope these short pieces raise a rushing blush across your various cheeks and that they scratch an itch but mainly, as always, I just hope what I have written here entertains you." If you like your - SPANK! - BDSM stories with a certain - SPANK! - and very special kind of - SPANK! - impact then this brand new - SPANK! - collection of steamy stories by our resident master - SPANK!- of ... well, SPANKING!

Out Now: Hot Pursuit By Sabrina Luna

Sabrina Luna is fast, fast, fast becoming a very popular and respected author of fantastic erotic romance with a BDSM twist - and her new book shows just how good she can be: Hot Pursuit By Sabrina Luna.

Driving back to her home town for her parent's anniversary, Cassie Meadows , speeds into through town. Suddenly a cop car pulls behind her in hot pursuit. To her humiliation, the man in blue is an Adonis in uniform, her ex-boyfriend, Steve Tanner. Steve is still in love with Cassie and wants a chance to explain why he broke her heart years ago. Cassie also is attracted to Steve. She may not be ready to forgive him; but she can't quite say"no" either. So, Steve  sets out in a hot pursuit of Cassie neither of them will ever never forget! A sizzling romance from the best-selling author of Full Moon Rising!

Out Now: Inviting Trouble: BDSM Romance By Olivia London

We really, really like Olivia London's work - and we know you do because she is oen of our best-selling authors - but she really outdoes herself with her new book:  Inviting Trouble - BDSM Romance By Olivia London  

A small handful of people form a braided ronde of bondage, submission and romance in this short novel. You'll meet Lana, who needed bondage to distract her from painful childhood memories; Ellen, who who wanted to buy something her boyfriend could use bind her wrists; Edmond, who smiled when his wife was five minutes late, because he knew what he would do to he vulnerable, naked torso; and others for whom the spice of life included a dash or two of bondage.

Out Now: Zhenaij's Handmaiden By Susanna Valent

Here is it: the long-awaited sequel to the best-selling and critically acclaimed Zhenaij's Chattel, a brand new stage in Zhenaij's adventures: Zhenaij's Handmaiden By Susanna Valent

From the master writer of lesbian bondage comes this second volume in her mesmerizing new science fiction series. Each slave in General Zhenaij's harem vied to show she would was willing to go the furthest and bear the most to prove her love for her mistress. And the General was just the woman to set them ever more difficult trials, and dream up ever more challenging punishments...

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Magically Kinky!

I think there's so much more to both, for lack of a better word, terms. For this post, I'm going to focus on some of the varying degrees of my perceptions of magic.
Yep, that's me. Or rather, my books. The words have a pretty straightforward connotation – magic in its various forms is usually self-explanatory. Spell-casting, potions, energy manipulation, telekinesis, sleight of hand – all those things are almost common when one thinks of magic.

Kink carries its own set of perceptions. Toys, bondage, pain – it's what comes to just about anyone's mind when they hear the word kink. Thanks to a certain set of books, BDSM is front and center just about everywhere. I have mixed feelings about that, but I do know one thing.  When my writing comes up in conversation, as it often does, there are a lot fewer blank stares when I explain what I write.

Magic is everywhere. In some of the least likely places to find it, to many people's way of thinking. I suppose they're not really looking – too much of our time is spent in a rush, hurrying through life, our heads down staring at our smart phones and tablets, and missing lots of the details and nuances that occur all around us.

Though I'm just as guilty of that at times, I do spend a lot of my time absorbing those nuances. The little magical moments in what seem to be ordinary, mundane events. Someone walking her dog on the street might get me to peering a little closer, peeling back layers and wondering what's going on in her life. Does she look happy, sad, angry? Why? The magic of a story idea sparking to life usually begins with just such a tiny moment.

To me, though, the most incredible magic is that which springs from the interaction between two people. Most times, there is no logical explanation for how our hearts work. So it has to be magic, right? Sure, lots of studies have been done to try and scientifically explain physical attraction, emotional connections and the like. But why does everything have to be explained in that way? I much prefer to think there's magic at work in these situations.

Of course, that magic isn't always quite as delightful as it may sound, because there is always the flip side of enchantment. When I create my characters, I like to put them in the worst possible situations. Pretty far from a typical explanation of magic, but in some ways, dark and despairing as the moment may seem, there's something bewitching going on. Something that will ultimately reveal a character's inner core. Even in that gloominess, there's a miracle happening – hope and strength build, resisting the urge to give up – that enables the character to endure. The human spirit possesses a magic all its own and in those situations, it shines through bright and clear.

Of course, I never leave my characters alone in these situations – there's always someone to counter the other's aspirations – and it's pretty much a guarantee they're in direct opposition. Both have goals, in contradiction with the other. And here's where magic comes into play again – they oppose, but yet, they understand their opponents' perspective. It doesn't mean either one gives up the fight, though. My characters are universally stubborn! But they can empathize with the other, even if they never agree.

Perhaps it's because, when those two characters come together in a physical way, the magic there overrides everything else. She sees his tortured soul, he understands her need to be loved and protected. For a little while, they can lose themselves in the moment and forget everything that makes it impossible for them to reach that magical plane when they're wide-awake and not sharing intimacy.

Of course, since my books involve BDSM on some level, there's another bit of magic at play – and not just magical bondage, etc. Despite whatever conflicts my characters may have with each other, that sexual magic comes more into focus when BDSM is involved. The level of trust required between the characters for them to participate in such endeavors is scary, yet it's also thrilling and breathtaking. Putting aside doubt and fear, and trusting completely in your partner can be a moving experience. There's magic at work there. It's freeing and strengthening and exhilarating and astonishing and so many other things.

Magic is everywhere – you just have to know where to look for it and how to recognize it. It makes the world so much more fun to live in when you do find it!

Giana Simone's novel Prince of the Universe has garnered attention from the readers as an excellent source of erotic fiction with plenty of story and substance!  Pick up Prince of the Universe on Amazon, or Sizzler Editions