Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Wonderful Times Square Queer Review

Here's a glowing review of Times Square Queer by Roy Chaudoir!

His main characters inhabit Times Square in such a true representation of how things were in those days of sexual explosion, sexual rebellion, sexual freedom that the reader is immersed in a density of symbols that all point to sexual contact, often furtive, often forbidden and endangering, and sometimes impersonal and sometimes fake-impersonal, for some of these realistic characters do fall deeply into emotional relationships with their "tricks" or "johns" or "partners" or "punks." The atmosphere that builds in this book is mesmerizing and is like a song or poem to the street-life, to the street kids, and those who "feed" on them. Some feed closer to the bottom than others, but all in  all the mix is a sub-culture which emerged and thrived for a couple decades and then was snuffed out by "progress." The Deuce was cleaned up and made commercially glamorous, but back "in the day" there was a Times Square that was where you went for sexual gratification, and for homosexual contact, it was a primary cruise-ground for not only locals, but for people who came to enter the anonymous sex hunt from all corners of the world. Often, runaways, or vagabond-like youth, traveled from the West Coast to New York just to "work" the streets of NYC, and many have written about it, but none with a camera-like focus and clarity as Mick Mykola Dementiuk does...

Here's the rest: Roy Chaudoir

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