Wednesday, September 12, 2012


High on life ... high on drugs ... high on sex ... high on rock and roll! Jaymo Mahoney knew only one law – do whatever it takes to get high. Vietnam was behind him. Before him lay the new America – a psychedelic universe of wild adventures, close escapes, endless spliffs, marathons of lovemaking, nights of laughing so hard his guts hurt in the morning, and the omnipresent, ecstatic music that supplied the driving beat of the time. Kick-starting his motorcycle, Jaymo Mahoney was ready... It was going to be the Summer of Love all the time! But to survive, he would need a little help from his friends! A sensitive, insightful literary work that captures the 1960s from the inside. Unapologetic. Celebratory.

Advance raves for the exceedingly hot and entertaing Getting High: A Novel of the 1960s.

"Lovers, laughs, fun, and enough wild sex to make Kama Sutra readers’ blush." –Big Jim Williamsn author, Tall Tales of the Old West

Vividly described characters ... splendid writing ... full of amusing surprises and twists ... a magic carpet ride into one of the most iconic eras of the 20th century. Like the time it portrays, Getting High is hilarious—I laughed out loud.”—Judy Pearce, journalist, columnist

"A drug, gasoline, and mysticism fueled trip ... a beautifully written tale of the journey as a long, hypnotic destination ... one amazing tale after another." - M.Christian, editor of the Mammoth Book of the Tales of the Road

We are proud to present this enthralling new book, which is almost a co-publication with our sister imprint, PageTurner Editions. We will be saying more about it on the Sizzler Editions blog later.

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