Monday, September 10, 2012

Out Now: Private Pleasures By Kirsten Imani Kasai

There is simply no one better at writing exciting - yet thought-provoking - erotica than the celebrated Kirsten Imani Kasai ... and this, her brand new book, proves just how good she can be: Private Pleasures By Kirsten Imani Kasai  

The erotic master of RHAPSODY IN SNAKESKIN is back with another cutting-edge erotic masterpiece: PRIVATE PLEASURES! 
Plunge into a gritty underworld populated by hallucinatory dancers, deceitful lovers, back-stabbing best friends and menacing doctors. An astonishing sensual adventure for the literary mind, PRIVATE PLEASURES is a compelling exploration of the sex industry's effects on the women whose labor sustain it. 
Humanity’s defining characteristic is not our opposable thumbs but our voyeurism. It’s the licentious, spying urge, which prompts us to peer through parted curtains and cracked doors, eager for a glimpse of skin or sin. Peep shows were born of that vice and thrived. Peep shows are the absinthe of the sex trades—alluring, misleading and deliciously, delightfully toxic. 
Joely is a peep show dancer plagued by revenge fantasies about her clients. She's desperate to feel normal and win the heart of her handsome neighbor. But when she meets Twilight, a dancer with a penchant for brutality, Joely's facade begins to crack, revealing her darker nature.     
As two jealous lovers vie for Joely's attention, she must confront her shadow self, a black leather virago with a taste for blood.She hopes that a psychic surgery will cure her but it backfires, resulting in assault, murder and the breakdown of all Joely's careful constructs.

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