Monday, September 10, 2012

Out Now: Full Moon Rising - Tales Of The Werewolf Clan By Sabrina Luna

If you like your erotic romance to have some nice, and very sexy, teeth, then this brand new book by the excellent Sabrina Luna is the book for you: Full Moon Rising - Tales Of The Werewolf Clan By Sabrina Luna

A ferociously hot werewolf romance like no other - packed with sex ... and fur and teeth! Romance can be complicated - but thrilling - when you are a member of a lyanthrope clan. Full Moon Rising is the first installment of an enthralling new series that chronicles turning points in the lives and loves of two of the McShaw's of Heather Grove. Megan McShaw falls for another lycanthrope, Derek Lee. Soon the two are hiding in a cabin in the woods from a rogue werewolf who is out to get Derek after a bar fight reveals he is a lycanthrope but not from the local pack. Meanwhile, woman reporter, Jac Hamilton, comes to Heather Grove to investigate a 'werewolf' story. She meets Ray McShaw and can sense the energy between them. She doesn't dream he is a werewolf, and as the local pack leader is responsible for concealing the truth from her. But Ray winds up trying to protect Jac when a female pack member goes rogue and attacks her.  Ray realizes that he has feelings for her - and that even though Jac is human she is also his mate.

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