Monday, September 10, 2012

Out Now: Dirty Words - Provocative Gay Erotica By M. Christian

Here's the book that started it all: M. Christian's Lambda Finalist collection of gay erotica - and keystone of our new ManLove Collection - Dirty Words - Provocative Gay Erotica

Here it is - the Lambda Literary Award Finalist DIRTY WORDS: the queer collection shows just how hot and imaginative - manlove erotica could be! From mischievous Native American spirits, to victims of cybernetic nightmares, these stories will amaze, amuse, terrify, fascinate and – always – excite you. Subtle and not, these well-crafted tales will touch you – and always excite you – in ways you’d never expect. With a very special introduction by Patrick Califia. 
"Dipping into his erotic prose is like being doused with a bucket of icy cold water on a sticky Summer’s day. It’s a sense awakening experience, which enlivens and sweeps you away in the same narrative breath. It’s dark, it’s dangerous, it’s horny, it’s mouthwatering, it’s witty and it’s sharp. Read my lips: Read this book."- Skin Two 
"To get the most out of M. Christian's haunting mix of rapture and horror, exaltation and degradation, love of language and lust for flesh, read him out loud. If you have someone to read him out loud to, someone who knows that the best porn is also art, you're both very lucky." - Clean Sheets 
"Part folklore, part pornography, part horror, part brutal romance - and all erotically kick-ass. Dirty Words takes readers in a tour of 14 contorted mental interiors and labyrinthine psychic dungeons inhabiting M. Christian's mind. This is not a collection of short stories where the music swells and the camera pans to clouds passing the bedroom window on a moonlit night. Smart, hot, and vorpal-blade sharp, Dirty Words is perfect reading for those who love
their sex fantasies in-you-face and are unafraid of a little blood" - Adult Video News (AVN)

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