Monday, September 10, 2012

Out Now: The Craftsman By Jason Walker

Jason Walker is a true master of BDSM erotica - one of the best there is - and this new book, The Craftsman, will deliver what the BDSM fan really wants.

Ronald Kline had mastered the art of turning wood into beautiful and functional furniture; he had not mastered the art of the relationship. He wanted a woman he could shape the way he shaped wood. A friend, taking a little pity on him introduced Ronald to Melinda, a special woman who the friend believed might be able to help Ronald with his relationship issues. Melinda was submissive by nature. It was a perfect match to Ronald’s dominant attitude. Unfamiliar with the lifestyle Ronald gains an education from Melinda, and they discover that working together can bring benefits in so many ways. A rousing tale of dominance and submission by the author of the best-selling THEIR TOY - if you like your BDSM erotica hotter-than-hot than THE CRAFTSMAN is the book for you!

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