Monday, September 17, 2012

More About Frolica by Steve Adams

We just couldn't help previewing the cover of the very first issue of Frolica!, our first full color comic book for ebook reading devices. Frolica! #1 reprints early work from Steve Adams' fantastic web strip. We love his zany insider take on the fads and foibles of the leather community. Should be available in early October from our sister imprint, eMotion Graphx.
We reprint below:

The Fabulous Frolica! Manifesto!

Frolica! is, as the name suggests… FUN!

Frolica! is racy, off-color fun, SEXY fun… not necessarily always what you’ll want the HR Director to see up on your computer screen at work, but FUN is what it is. Frolica! will never be explicitly pornographic or profane. There’s plenty of that to be found on the internet now. Frolica! will never be a forum for hate or intolerance of groups or ideas. Nor will Frolica! promote violence or coercion (at least of the unconsenting) ;) .

Frolica! is a happy place! Come and join the fun!

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