Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Guest Post from Elizabeth Kolodziej

There is a reason…

I am well aware that people like a book with a good HEA (happily ever after) ending. Especially when writing in the romantic genre of books. However, I would like a chance to say this: There is reason in my madness! (and “unhappy” endings)

I know it doesn’t look that way at the time, but remember I am in this to hook you and make you read more of my books. Yes, this sounds devious and it is. I’m sorry, but this is the way business people work.

With that said! Let me continue. <grin> Ahem. So I went to a conference once and I heard that readers like it when the guy in the novel doesn’t end up going from hard ass to wussy in three hundred pages. And oh how I agree!

That is the reason why I can’t give you the HEA with every story I tell. But I can guarantee that in some book, some series, somewhere out there (beneath that big blue sky), there is going to be a story I write where that character gets to have their HEA. If they are lucky and pester me enough. Which 9 out of 10 times they will.

Readers got a little upset with me over Werewolf Descent because of a certain person not getting with another. But like I promised it wasn’t over between them and they just had to wait a year to read Witch Devotions. I want you to keep reading and one way to do that is to throw a curve ball.

On top of that, my characters have a strong say in how and what I write. If they do something that you hate there is probably a reason for it. Just remember that like normal every day people we don’t always think with that outsiders perspective. Sometimes you aren’t going to like them and darn it that is really ok! You should hate characters sometimes. If I am not making you feel more than one emotion I am not doing my job right! Darn it all! I am just so overly passionate about this at the moment.

So when you read my stories, such as From Demons, With Lust, just remember that I am writing the ending for a reason and that readers like you have made some demands I intend to meet. <wink>

<3’s and fangs,
Elizabeth J. Kolodziej

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