Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Sizzler Editions rocks DragonCON

This month I’m gearing up for my 4th DragonCON, another almost week long event in Atlanta, GA!  We’ve four panels scheduled on the EFF forums, I’m also appearing on the Writers Track forums plus the Fetish BDSM 201 panel. I’ll have a complete schedule posted once I know it all but as of now:

Friday August 31 – 10 PM – WriteSEX/Tantric Tentacles - Sizzler Authors Kiernan Kelly, Stephanie Burke and myself will be on that panel.  We'll also enjoy cover artist Stella Price's wittiness.  The panel will focus on writing science fiction properly with pronouns in m/m and multi alien race erotica, and transition into erotica as a profitable business based on the WriteSEX platform created by Sascha Illyvich, featuring publisher Jean Marie Stine, editor/author M. Christian and famed horror novelist N. T. Morley. 

Saturday September 1st – 10 PM – Kirk’s Communicator – Where should I submit? - Moderating is Sizzler Author Kiernan Kelly.  Talking e-pubs, print, self pubs, contracts, all the good stuffs. 

Sunday Sept 2nd 4 PM  – Down and Dirty Marketing - once you're published, now what?  You've gotta SELL and our powerhouse of authors know how to push those books!

Sunday Sept 2nd 11 PM – BDSM 201 - Yours truly taking Q/A on kinky sex.

Monday September 3rd 1 PM – 50 Years, The Future! - Stephanie Burke, Kiernan Kelly and I are joined by marketing guru Gail Z. Martin to share lessons learned and give advice to writers of all levels. 

It promises to be a BLAST!

Curious to see how things will go?  Check out last year's WriteSEX podcasts here

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