Monday, August 6, 2012

Sarah Bella's Giveaway!

Guess what?!? It’s my birthday month! I’m celebrating over at And do you know what that means? Presents! But not for me - for you! Anytime during the month of August purchase a copy of my debut novel, Delilah’s Passion. Submit your receipt to me and you’ll receive a FREE PDF copy of Delilah’s Passion for Cooking – ten of Delilah and Aiden’s favorite recipes.
PLUS! The 19th (my birthday is the 19th) receipt will also get a $10 gift card to your choice of Amazon, Barnes and Noble or All Romance eBooks.
AND! The 32nd (I’m turning 32 this year) receipt will also get a $10 gift card to your choice of Amazon, Barnes and Noble or All Romance eBooks.
Every 19th and 32nd receipt submitted will get the gift card in addition to the PDF.
So, copy/paste, scan, upload, I don't care. Send a copy of your purchase, dated within the month of August 2012 to and I'll send you a copy of Delilah's Passion for Cooking.
Spread the word and share the love!
Need more convincing?  Read an excerpt:

The next time Delilah awoke, she knew immediately that she was in the garage apartment in Fawn Lake. The first thing she decided was that she needed to buy some blackout curtains to hang over the blinds in her bedroom. The second was that Mojo needed to stop sleeping on top of her chest. She yawned and stretched, booting Mojo out of bed as she moved. The fat cat hit the ground with a thump and turned to glare at Delilah with baleful yellow eyes.
She rubbed her eyes, threw back the covers, and climbed out of bed. She hadn't packed her robe, she realized, but she wasn't going anywhere anytime soon, so her jammies would do for the time being. Lumbering her way into the kitchen, Delilah prayed that the coffee fairy had delivered a fresh pot of coffee.
Unfortunately, what she found in the kitchen was less fairy, more scary. Someone was crouched down, rifling through the pantry, sliding around her measly provisions. It was male, she could tell that much by the build, but the heavy hooded sweatshirt made it difficult to tell anything else. She stifled a squeak and looked around for a weapon. The only thing she could find readily available was the plunger she found in the bathroom.
Delilah lifted it up, resting it on her shoulder in a lazy batter's stance. Thankful for her quiet-soled slippers, she crept closer to the intruder, hefted the plunger up off her shoulder, and swung it with all her might. The rubber part caught the man directly in the temple. She drew back and swung again even as he started yelling.
"Stop!" he spun around and covering his head instinctively with his arms. "It's me! It's Aiden." Delilah froze the plunger in mid-swing.
Aiden peered between his widespread fingers.
"What the hell, woman? I bring you breakfast and you assault me?" It wasn't until then that Delilah noticed the assortment of things on the counter – bagels, cream cheese, something orange that smelled suspiciously fishy and two Styrofoam cups filled with what was presumably coffee.
"You snuck into my apartment at the crack of dawn!"
"It's 11:30! I thought you'd have been up for a while!" Aiden defended himself, still half-crouched and ready to block another blow. "I wanted to let you know I have a spare key to the apartment if you ever lock yourself out. When I rent the place to college kids, I leave it in the barn." He held up his hand to show her the key ring with a single key dangling from it.
"You could have knocked," she flung an arm toward the door. "I could have been showering."
"No, I knew you weren't. You can hear the pipes running from outside. If you were showering, I was going to leave a note on the door." He ducked his head sheepishly and not-so-subtly adjusted himself in his jeans. "But, since you were clearly just sleeping, I thought I'd get breakfast ready and then wake you up. I know you said you had lots to accomplish today, and I figured you'd appreciate the help."
"What if I slept in the nude?" She was still grumpy.
"Actually," he laughed," I was kind of hoping for that."
"Aah!" she groaned. "Get out, you! I told you last night that I'm not looking for anyone right now."
"See, that's where you've got the situation confused,” his eyes lit up. "You don't have to look for me. I'm right here. I won't even make you work for it."

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