Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Out Now: The Vetting Of Riley by David Jewell

David Jewell is one of our favorite, and best-selling, BDSM writers and his new book, The Vetting Of Riley he shows just how good he can be!

Riley is a powerful executive who needs the special moments when she can let go of her responsibilities and recharge her batteries that only submitting to a powerful man can give her. Once she meets Master Alex, she wants to wear his collar more than anything else in the world. Master Alex loves capturing the hearts of submissives by being a man of mystery, sensuality and dominance.  He is able to penetrate to the core of their being.  Giving them what they seek, he gets what he needs as well.  Understanding Riley’s needs, he slowly and methodically lets her experience some firsts in her quest to become his collared submissive.  As she experiences these firsts like climaxing in a public place and serving him and a mistress in her office and much more, he continues to evaluate the depths and sincerity of her submission to him. Although the firsts he wants her to experience push her limits, Riley determinedly proves her submission to Master Alex and her deep desire to wear his collar.  She desperately wants to be united with him in the bonds of dominance and submission.  She can only hope that he finds her worthy.  She finally knees at his feet and awaits his decision.  What will Master Alex decide?  Another masterpiece of erotic romance by our best-selling author, David Jewell!

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