Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Out Now: Unchain Me! By Powerone

There is simply no one better at writing intense BDSM erotica like our resident master of the genre: PowerOne - and his newest book proves just how book he can be.  Check out Unchain Me! and you will not be disappointed!

Four women find their idyllic lives turned upside down one day.  At first the four rebel but they are outnumbered.  For thirty days they perform sexual acts that they could never have imagined participating in before.  Their defenses fall, and the four do the only thing they can. They seek to immerse themselves in the erotic pleasure of the acts.  Suddenly they are free, their bank accounts filled with staggering sums meant to buy their silence. The four women wonder: Should they seek punishment?  Or take the money and live a normal life?  But, different as they are, each secretly wonders if she can resist the powerful sexual desires their experiences awakened, or if she should seek out men who could fulfill her new hunger? Unchain Me is a tale of lust and power, domination and submission that only Powerone could bring to life.

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