Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Out Now: Rubied Fires [The Penhollow Chronicles, Book II] By Christi Riverton

The second book in Christi Riverton's wonderful Penhollow ChroniclesRubied Fires - is out and is even better than the first book in this new, and extremely erotically charged series!

Tortured, raped and impregnated by one of the Dark Born. Ruby Penhollow has no choice but to leave behind everything she’s ever known to seek out her dead father’s family, half a world away in Cornwall, England. Assured by her mother that these strange people who talk of magic, angles and incestuous demons, are the only ones capable of protecting her from the evil she’s being hunted by. Can she learn to trust them enough to unlock the legacy her mother has kept hidden from her? Sworn to protect her, Cason Greenwood will betray even his oldest friend to fulfill his duty. Can his vow save not only Ruby, but the child she carries as well? Or will his betrayal cost them everything?

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