Monday, August 13, 2012

Out Now: Loving Liam By Olivia London

We simply cannot rave enough about the erotic writing of Olivia London and with this, her new novella, you'll see that our praise is worthwhile - and then some: Loving Liam by Olivia London

Leda always dreaded the holiday season until a co-worker from GUYO (Give Us Your Opinions) invited the lovely lass to a party where she met… him. Liam was a classic Renaissance Man whose latest job was teaching at the prestigious BALI (Bay Area Literary Institute). Soon, Leda and Liam were loving each other with a passion that outshines the brightest of gifts. But a mash note from a student threatens to douse the flame and leave Leda heartbroken. Leda eventually confronts Liam and he leaves. Will their love survive the wreckage of temptation? Only the brightness of their love can pull them from the darkness of mistrust, back to each other’s arms. Olivia London is a true genius when it comes to intoxicating erotica and this, her wonderful new novel, proves just how good she can be! Olivia's stories have appeared in Ruthie's Club, For the Girls, Oysters & Chocolate and She has contributed to numerous anthologies including Lesbian Love 3, The Bad Girl's Sweet Kiss, and The Mammoth Book of Threesomes and Moresomes.

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