Thursday, July 5, 2012

Viscount Andrew Likes Memoirs Of A Sex Slave: The Confessions Of A Submissive Woman

Here's an excellent review of an excellent book: Viscount Andrew takes a look at Memoirs Of A Sex Slave: The Confessions Of A Submissive Woman by Billierosie.

I've been waiting for far too long for this! Since billierosie published her evocative collection of short erotic stories, "Fetish Worship", I have been hankering for more erotica from this writer. Billierosie has not disappointed, with her new novella, from Sizzler publications.  
The young generation, in whatever epoch, always think that they have invented sex. Not so! Billierosie informs us. Through the character of Elektra, an elderly lady in her declining years, we learn of her erotic adventures as a submissive woman. "Memoirs of a Sex Slave; the confessions of a submissive woman", is not only very sexy, it is intriguing as billierosie tells the story of Elektra's life. 
It is strange that in these sorts of stories, I get the impression that the protagonists don't even like each other, let alone love each other. Elektra and her Master are devoted to one another. I was intrigued as to how Elektra's story was going to end; so many of these stories in this genre have disappointed me. Without wanting to spoil the ending, all I will say, is that the end of Electra's story is uplifting.  
This is writing par excellence. If you love erotica told by a great storyteller, this is certainly a book that you will enjoy.  
Viscount Andrew

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