Monday, July 23, 2012

Out Now: Jenny's Penance [A Tale Of Future Bondage, Book 4] By Cheryl Allen Tessler

Jenny's futuristic BDSM adventure continues in book four of this amazingly popular series: Jenny's Penance [A Tale Of Future Bondage, Book 4] by Cheryl Allen Tessler  

Jenny seems further from freedom than ever in this installment of this acclaimed BDSM science fiction series! The slaves are finally promoted to the second level of DiMarco’s operation, where the accommodations are nicer, maids replace masters, and employment opportunities are more varied.  Jenny’s maid, Rachel, anxious to get her charge promoted again, advises Jenny to cultivate regular customers, sleep with slaves other than Janet, and stay away from RT.  When Jenny ignores Rachel’s advice, the maid counters by forcing Jenny to visit Eric once a week.

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