Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Out Now: Jenny's Ordeal [A Tale Of Future Bondage 2] by Cheryl Allen Tessler

Jenny's erotic adventure continues in this rollicking follow-up to Jenny's Ordeal: Jenny - Bondage in the Year 2035 by C. A. Tessler

She escaped bondage, only to be trapped in a different form of bondage again! After escaping to Canada, Jenny and Janet, along with Jenny’s former master, Maurice, make plans to set up housekeeping. Their plans are interrupted when Maurice, along with the runaway slaves’ fathers are arrested. But Canadian immigration authorities help preserve their anonymity and, as runaway slaves, offer them refugee status. Jenny’s situation is almost immediately complicated when she is propositioned by Martin, a manager at her new job. She doesn’t resist. Janet, in the meantime, is put upon by one of the women living in the dormitory where the slaves live. Soon both former slaves find their only choice is work as prostitutes.

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